You just have to know the keys to leaving stress at the door. Put them into practice and get your haven of peace

We already have enough reasons to stress every day that the house is not a refuge in which we are also safe from treacherous nerves. Your home plays a fundamental role in your mood and mental well-being. Pause and think: am I comfortable at home? Is it really pretty and practical? Does it create stress when entering?

It is possible that the house becomes a sanctuary where you can relax and take care of yourself, but sometimes, without being too aware, the place where we live can continue to feel stress due to the decoration and the replacement of windows and doors, the placement of objects, the technology, the colors or cleanliness.

Sign up for a stress-free home or, in other words, free of stress and anxiety. A well organized and thoughtful environment is an important source of peace. Once you know the keys, all you have to do when you get home is enjoy it, take off your shoes and breathe. You will be in your refuge.

Objective: get rid of sources of interference

To achieve a relaxing home it is important to know the sources of interference and thus eliminate them. With this, you will be able to live better. And while there is no perfect recipe for a stress-free home, there are some tips that work. To these that we tell you, you can surely add one that works for you, that if you stop to think you know that this gesture frees you from stress

A good welcome

The hall of your house has to talk to you. From here you must breathe the aroma of tranquility. You need an orderly space, without clutter, comfortable and warm, that is very you to hug you as soon as you enter.

Feeling of spaciousness

Avoid cluttering the rooms. It is proven that the greater the feeling of space, the more comfortable we feel. It is not that you bet on minimalism, but that you avoid unnecessary objects, shelves full of things, walls that come over, strident colors that cancel the feeling of space…

The distribution of the furniture plays a major role in this regard. Try to attach the furniture to the walls and leave the central area clear, with enough space to pass and circulate. The functionality of a house makes it easier to live in it.

Take care of the lighting

We would all love to enjoy a very bright house, but it is not always possible. It’s about taking advantage of the natural light that your home receives. Let it sneak in during the sunny hours with light curtains (the sun recharges us with energy). And at night, take care of artificial lighting with a warm light (called “yellow”) with lamps that project an adequate light through the screen.

The lighting should be more intense during the morning and afternoon and soft at night. Thus the body relaxes and prepares for bed. A trick that works: think about lighting places, areas, or corners; not whole rooms. You will be right!

Your corner, for you, to your measure

It is possible whatever the size of your house. It is about that special place where you feel comfortable, at ease. It can be a reading corner, space where you sew or paint, your bedroom because in it you meditate

Order, cleaning, and renovation

A basic. To relieve stress at your home and to ensure your mental health, it needs to be organized. You already know, the order is essential to achieve balance and feel good. Chaos only threatens you. Knowing where to locate things and not finding anything outside their site will help you be calm.

And in that order, it is essential to clean old things every so often. Old unused objects are said to attract bad energy. But even if you don’t believe in this, what is clear is that the old items that you no longer use has served their purpose and you should get rid of them.