In today’s fast technology driven world we are apparently well connected with the world through numerous online platforms virtually. But in our real life that heart to heart connection is gradually fading away in the oblivion. Children no more have time to listen to the stories of Grandma and walk in the garden with Grand Pa. Parents are too busy with their life to spend quality time with their children. So practically it’s a phase when across the globe and across all ages the syndrome of loneliness and depression is sweeping away the smile and laughter from our face. Technological advancement is of course welcome but we should balance our time and unplug to recharge ourselves . This syndrome has also resulted in a boom in the wellness sector and Yoga therapy.

Now let us see whether it would be really so grim a situation if we just create an awareness as to how to convert our loneliness in to solitude? Now the two words may seem very similar that is staying or being alone. But the difference in the meaning arises in the fact as to how we feel being alone. When we feel empty it is loneliness .When we feel the fullness being alone , feel complete and one with the universe it is solitude. We have to learn to enjoy the company of our own. Rather we should look forward to the time when we can spend some time being alone. The greatest motivation and urge for creativity arises in solitude. When you are alone learn to know yourself. Most of us do not know our self. What potential, what magnificence, what love is hidden within us which just waits for unveiling itself, for manifesting itself. I am the greatest beauty on earth ,I am the greatest creation of God, the world’s greatest wonder is me, myself.

Children should be taught to enjoy being alone to enjoy the glory in solitude not to be in agony with the pain in loneliness. Let them cultivate whatever they are fond of music, art, sports, writing, gardening whatever.. when they are alone and parents are busy. Parents just guide them and be their support. Similarly elderly persons our in- laws , our parents — let us engage them in what they liked from childhood but never got time to cultivate. Have a heart to heart dialogue with them ,inspire them as it is always not too late to make a fresh new beginning in life, rather than repent.

Nowadays many women in the age group of 45 years to 55 years are also falling prey to depression. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is the most common psychiatric disorder. Unipolar depressive disorder is the fourth most common cause of disability in females, in all ages as per the Global Burden of Disease, 2000. The lifetime prevalence of MDD is 10–25% for women, and 5–12% for men. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is also the most important precursor of suicide and will be the second cause of Global Disease Burden by the year 2020. WHO states that the burden of depression is 50% higher for females than males .

Whatever may be the causes , instead of searching for solution outside we should look inside. The more we learn to enjoy the fullness of solitude , the hidden creativity, the hidden bliss , the more we will be in a position to give to the world. Our outlook should change from isolation in loneliness which is imposed, to richness of solitude which is chosen. Instead of brooding over as to what I have got from my near and dear ones, we have to learn to focus on what I can give to my near and dear ones and the world at large .Each one of us be it child or elderly or middle aged have a responsibility to give back to society as we enjoy what is given to us. A heart full of gratitude and a mind full of ideas to give back to society will lead us to the bliss of solitude.

Let us all support each other and let us find some time to unplug and recharge ourselves in the company of our children and our elders, our life partners, our friends to create the awareness , to inspire them of enjoying solitude when alone. In this fast moving world to keep pace with the technological advancement, we have to adopt ourselves to live life fully without regret. We need to care that nobody feels lonely and left out. Let us find serenity in chaos and create a happy world for all. Not thinking only about oneself and isolating oneself from the world in to the depths of depression in loneliness but to show the pathway of light for all in the bliss of solitude.