When you embark on a creative project or begin anything new, you often experience moments of pure joy or a sense of higher consciousness when inspiration seems to pour from you. But if you’re like many people, you’ve probably also encountered moments of feeling stuck or blocked, hobbled by self-doubt and fear. So, how do you get “unblocked” and move beyond the self-criticism, negative emotions, insecurity, and unhelpful habits that keep you from success, from realizing your highest artistic ambitions, and reaching your true creative potential?

Seek to change your perception of life from a place of self-doubt and stuck patterns into a series of creative breakthroughs. Your spiritual nature is to embrace creativity, just as all of life is made up of creative energy.

The human spirit is the non-physical deepest part of you—your life force that is connected to all things. Energy and liveliness emanate from your spirit. One way to nurture your spirit is through creativity. Spirit and creativity become one as creativity turns spirit—where your imagination lives—into a sensory reality.    

When the lines of communication with your spirit are open and free flowing, you have access to an endless supply of strength and support. Yet, if you haven’t already completely forgotten about your wonder, all too often the static weight of your emotional history causes you to struggle to realize your artistic ambitions, fulfill your potential, and live your best creative life.

Outer goals define the action steps you take in your daily life at home, while working, and toward your creativity. Your inner or spiritual goals define the emotional and energetic qualities of those actions. Your outer path is intrinsically linked to your inner spiritual truth.

You give yourself a goal and immediately confront yourself—your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, resistance, and struggle. You come face-to-face with your dreams and fears, your patterns and flaws, your supporters and foes. Your spiritual purpose curls around your preoccupations, habits and beliefs in an attempt to reawaken your earliest wisdom and belief that anything is possible. It breathes new life into your actions and reawakens childlike wonder and inner peace.

Launch into a spiritual journey and gain the means to turn what’s right in front of you upside down. Living your best creative life takes you on a spiritual quest that is often deep and profound. The map to reclaiming a sense of possibilities in the miraculous is the Universal Story—an energetic pathway that runs throughout our lives and all of nature with the promise of transformation.

Choosing to live a creative life entails facing a constant dare: will you play it safe or steadfastly move forward. The Universal Story is littered with markers warning you where to adjust for a new rhythm. It points out resting places to help you stick with your creative dream even when you no longer trust your vision, when you’ve fallen out of love with what you’re creating, and when your commitment to continue on—no matter what might come—is rapidly slipping away. Through it all, you radiate joy and grace living a creative life, accepting that change is born of challenges made especially for your own personal growth and transformation.

The deeper you travel into the mystery, the more you appreciate you’re breaking free of the expectations of others to embrace your unique gifts. You learn to cultivate emotions that thrust you forward and weed out those that block your life. You’re able to translate what your spirit and creativity are trying to teach you about your life. In the end, you heal and forgive, gain courage and acceptance, and enjoy everyday more creatively.

Curling up and hiding from your true feelings, running away in fear of failure or rejection, or pretending you’re invincible do not foster growth but rather keep you stuck. Transformation happens in the doing, by actively shedding the old and seeking change. Yet, all too often, the fantastical ideas we dream up fade over time due to a lack of will, a lack of attention, or a lack of belief.

Each of us has a creative purpose to honor and fulfill. Don’t turn away because you think your dream is impossible. Open up and find value and strength in your vulnerability. In allowing yourself to feel, energy flows and a wealth of expressions are made available to you. If you’re afraid of being hurt and attempt to hide from feeling anything, you’ll never feel the joy of success. The odyssey itself is the treasure.

The practice of untangling your emotions, thoughts and beliefs invites you to explore memories long buried, truths you didn’t know you held, and emotions that control you. Connecting more deeply to your inner self through self-reflection often reveals surprising results.

Whether your form of creativity is communicating, painting, writing, leading, or weaving—the creation belongs to you. The only real rejection is in not trying to break out of the habits and patterns and armor you use to protect yourself. The more you learn about yourself though creating, the more conscious you become of the words you speak, the schedules you keep, and the actions you take. Ultimately, the spiritual purpose for creating is to challenge you to express yourself fully with no doubt or fear. What we create has its own energy with the potential to change the world.

You stand at a threshold. Cross this line, and you leave your old reality. Step away from your everyday reality and develop your inner spiritual life. Creating something out of nothing but your imagination allows you to gain a new sense of yourself.

Step forward, and your life shifts. Something new begins. The ritual of letting go of the old, crossing a threshold, and launching into the unknown is a time of separation. You separate from who you’ve always been and move toward who you’re becoming as you actively pursue your creativity goal.

Close your eyes. Take a deep cleansing breath. Now open your eyes. Step across the threshold. And as you do, know there is no turning back…