Turning twenty. That time is coming for me. I’m both scared, nervous, and excited for this new part of my life. Everyone’s been telling me that turning 20 is a big deal, and to me, it’s not necessarily true. I always remain true to myself and how I want others to see me. The awkward teen years are over, and I will officially not be a teenager anymore, and it had me feeling pretty anxious and yearning to do more with my life.

   My late teens were not the best years for me, and 19 has been a very uneventful year for me. Once I realized how fast time went by I started thinking a lot and I made a bucket list of all the things that I want to do and kept saying I would do them, but never did. I want 20 to be an adventurous time for myself, and also a meaningful time. Twenty is where things are changing; you are on the path to finding a career and constructing how you’ll live and where.

   I’ll always be the same person; I just want to grow more, learn more, and experience more. I’m nervous because this is where you are on your own. I like the idea of being independent and learning how to be my on my own, but then I’m also scared of not knowing how to be on my own. This time off my life is also about the time where you are finding love, you’ll think about marriage sometime later in your life. I’m excited for the challenges I am sure will be headed my way because I believe challenge’s help us grow and pushes us to be better.

   My advice is to cherish every moment and to have fun. Also becoming older, I came to realize how I wanted to impact people’s lives more. Like everyone always says life is too short. You have to love your life, and if you too have had an uneventful year and felt like you want to do more, then you should do just that. I’m in that big part of my life where I’m going to college to get a degree to get a job then, and work for the rest of my life, but don’t let that just be your life. Incorporate fun as well. I’ve been making a lot of decision’s lately, and it’s like almost turning 20 is showing me this map in my brain of all the things I want to do and should do. I can see the gears turning in my head, where I decided this is the path I want to take. I still currently live with my great-grandmother because I can’t afford a place right now, but that is something I am working on because I want to take that leap. I worry about getting a job one day, but that’s not for awhile now, my other advice; don’t worry too much about the future, and always make the best of the present.

 I’m genuinely excited, the anticipation is more dominant than how nervous and   scared I am. I stopped being excited for my birthday once I turned 16 because it   meant I was getting older, and anyone that know’s me knows how terrified I am of getting older. However, this time is different because I am determined to make this   period very adventurous. Once I put my mind to something, I don’t back out.