A Simple Solution to Living Complex Truths

Words written as thoughts are lies, or least start out as lies. They are not necessarily true before we write them. Once we write them down nothing in the world is more true.

Making change is not about who you are today, and it is not even about what you want to become. Everything rests on the foundation of your purpose, your why, your reason.

You don’t need to be perfect. Your reason does though. Your reason is integrated into your beliefs, into your values as a central part of your character. You cannot separate your story from your why.

Words that start as lies, once written can become truths. Not lies in that they are devoid of truth, just lies that they are not true yet. Truth starts once a decision is made.

For the past 151 days I have published my thoughts every day. These words are my story.

Writing makes us better people. By publishing our thoughts, we are more than just journaling, we are fulfilling what we think about.

If I write it down, my values say I must act in accordance with my words. Whenever I write something, I need to live up to it. I need to be true to the words that I wrote. These stories have been transformed into truth. You can transform your stories into truth as well.

These are the truths (my story) of May 2017:

MAY 1, 2017 — Every Piece

Another piece does make a difference. You make a difference. Even when you think you are not valuable, remember, every piece is important. No matter how small or similar, the function and purpose are different. You are important. You are valuable.

MAY 2, 2017 — Don’t Like It?

You don’t need to like it to appreciate it. You don’t need to use it to understand it’s power. You don’t need to control it to respect it. Life is better when appreciation is given and earned in equal measure. Not everything good for you is good for others. Learn to value the differences while still being appreciative for the strength that each unique person brings to the table. You can learn to love but not like.

MAY 3, 2017 — Live Free

Long walks with the sun setting and the sand beneath your toes…. At the beach it is one thing, in the desert it is another… Your reality is limited by your senses. If you expand your reality to include a better future, hope and belief, then you can make any situation into one of thriving and growth. Your 5 senses sometimes are a prison, open your heart and mind and learn to live free.

MAY 4, 2017 — You Don’t Know

While faces show emotion, you don’t truly know what anyone is thinking. You don’t know what they have just gone through or what they are going through. In order to find out, ask them, and then let them talk. Don’t try to fix them, let them be. Let them live but be there to listen.

MAY 5, 2017 — Control

Do not let the idea of control, control you. The actions of others cannot be controlled. The actions of others cannot be held onto for regret, shame, or guilt. Trying to control what is not possible is the same as being in locked up. Once inside, you are not in control anymore. T0 get outside yourself, stop thinking about yourself. Focus your attention on helping over controlling.

MAY 6, 2017 — Doors to Meaning

We are always running. Running to or running away. To something we want. Away from something we don’t. The problem with running away is that there is not real destination, no goal, no plan. Running towards something gives you peace, direction, and opens new doors. New doors allow you to have new experiences. Life is made up of your experiences and the meaning you apply to those experiences.

MAY 7, 2017 — Words & Actions & Truth

Our words are the vehicle for our thoughts and intentions. Our actions let our words become true.

MAY 8, 2017 — Potential for Peace

The source of peace and wholeness is not found in searching. It is found it integrity. It is found in aligning your actions with your beliefs as long as your beliefs are true. Peace comes when your mind and heart are aligned with hope and your true potential.

MAY 9, 2017 — Roads That Take You There

Each step we take in life pushes us somewhere. Often the road we are on doesn’t tell us where we are going, but it can show us where we have been, and sometimes, that is all we need to keep moving.

MAY 10, 2017 — Want & Can

Some people want to help you. Others don’t. Some people can help you. Others can’t. Find the people who want and can help you and then help them! That is the start of perfect relationships. Where each person is giving as much as they can while being supported every step of the way. The view from the top is better together.

MAY 11, 2017 — Are You Done?

New tools help you get started. If it still looks new after you are done, it means you aren’t really done. Keep going.

MAY 12, 2017 — Your Goal

Your goal needs to be the main focus the entire time. Even when you are playing defense, you know what your goal is. No matter where you are in life, you need to know where you are heading.

MAY 13, 2017 — Pay The Price

If you are not willing to do whatever it takes, then be happy with never reaching your potential. This is not about contentedness, or happiness, or fulfillment. It is about becoming who you are meant to become. Maximizing your talents, lifting others, and doing the great things you were born to do. If you are willing to pay the price, nothing is too expensive.

MAY 14, 2017 — Flowers for Her — Thanks Moms

While we sometimes learn to share our gratefulness, we never should have to learn to BE grateful.

(I am thankful for the Mothers in my life. My own wonderful mom and my beautiful wife. I love them both and know that they are the reasons I am the man I am today.)

MAY 15, 2017 — Choices Reveal

As we decide what we are most passionate about, other choices become easier. Choices are easier as values are determined. We can choose who to associate with. We can choose where we spend our time. We can choose what really matters. The more we choose relationships over things, and process over destination, we will find and embrace our inner selves. While we reveal person we were meant to become. While our passions help us determine our choices, our choices reveal who we really are. Choose your passions wisely.

MAY 16, 2017 — Paint is Not Duct Tape

Just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it works. New paint on a busted bike doesn’t help you get to work. It might make you feel better though. Execution wins. Find stuff that works. Do stuff that works by helping you accomplish your goals.

MAY 17, 2017 — Seasoned

Everything needs a reason. Everything has a season.

We won’t understand why, often we shouldn’t even try.

Expectations eat your time away. Away from those who you wanted to stay.

MAY 18, 2017 — Both Kinds of Strong

Strength is found in moving something or in not being moved. Both kinds are needed. Each action we take will weaken us or strengthen us. Every time we learn something we are getting stronger. Every experience helps to support our legitimacy. The more time we take to fully understand what we are doing, the more we magnify our strength.

MAY 19, 2017 — Focus = Success

Miracles happen when effort is focused. If you focus on one thing you can create a masterpiece. Just focus on the right stuff.

MAY 20, 2017 — Reality is About Today

Your reality doesn’t need to be amazing to be real. Reality is already amazing. Living in the present and taking action is what gives us hope for a better future. The more we can understand each other and focus on today, the better will be our tomorrow. And that is real.

MAY 21, 2017 — True Actions

Fakeness is when we are hiding. Fakeness is when we are lying about what we are. Fakeness is when we are something we shouldn’t be. Fakeness isn’t real though. Fakeness is about others judging you. If you are acting in a certain way, those actions are real and so you are real and there is nothing fake. Actions are not faked…. The emotions, meaning, the truth behind the actions can be fake… but the actions themselves are always TRUE.

MAY 22, 2017 — Full Control

When you have a plan you have some control. When the plan is aligned with your mission you have more control. When the actions you take align with your plan you are in full-control.

MAY 23, 2017 — Adjust Accordingly

When you think you are alone. You are wrong. When you feel like you are alone. That is your fault. Emotions are controllable. Pay attention to how you feel so you can adjust accordingly.

MAY 24, 2017 — Understanding Yourself

Understanding yourself is key to understanding others. You cannot give something away that you do not have. Gain knowledge so you can share. Gain wisdom so you can advise. Gain confidence so you can uplift. The more you help better yourself, the more you can develop others. We are all connected to each other, strengthen the entire community by fortifying your own foundation first.

MAY 25, 2017 — Catching a Serial Killer

Fear kills. Fear kills thoughts. Fear kills actions. Fear is the number one killer of dreams. Fear is the number one killer of achievement. The only way to stop a killer is to find them first. Like any good detective, to find a killer you must ask questions. Find out why you are afraid… What is making you feel this way? Who are you afraid of? Why? Is the fear real? Are there alternative realities? When do you feel most afraid? What can you do about it?

MAY 26, 2017 — Meeting Their Needs

While sales is a physical business process, it is an emotional one as well. When we sell something we have to connect logically as well as emotionally. Everyone needs to sell something. Whatever you sell, make sure the person buying is connected to the solution both logically and emotionally. If you can meet their emotional needs, then you can satisfy their physical needs. Applies to more than just sales.

MAY 27, 2017- Deliberate Actions

We rush too much. We ponder too little. We give up too fast. Taking time to think allows us to build the strength we need. Taking action is most important. Your why helps build your reasons. Your reasons build your resolve. Your resolve helps you commit. Committed decisions determine all actions. Actions done deliberately are more impactful than rushed motions. Slow down, ponder, and take calculated action.

MAY 28, 2017 — Experience Drives Perspective

The best decisions are formed by the best perspective. Perspective is based on experience and sight. Even if we see something, we often don’t know what it means. Whatever your perspective is, someone else’s is still different. Learn from their perspective. Ask them questions. Whenever new information is applied, it can help us all make better decisions.

MAY 29, 2017 — Start Now

Once you realize you have made a mistake, the best way to fix a mistake is to take immediate action. Do whatever needs to be done to either move on or undue what has been done. Most things cannot be undone, but you can start again. You can start now. Starting now is better than waiting and starting later. Hoping for change is not as effective as creating your own change. Start now.

MAY 30, 2017 — Be Different, Be Positive

We all are negative enough alone. It is easy to be pessimistic. People don’t need us to bring them down. We must be positive so we can lift others.

MAY 31, 2017 — Shared Dependence

Forced dependence is slavery. Voluntary dependence is the highest form of love. As we work hard, learn, and develop skills we become more and more independent. Yet, the more we share our vulnerabilities with others, the deeper our relationships become. Even if not needed, the idea of wanting to share dependence is a sign of maturity and love.

*** What stories are you going to write for yourself? ***

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