Humanity Lies in our Mindset

Triumph of Humanity
Why the best year yet? We tend to measure the success of the closing year by accomplishments, often of a material nature, a new car, new boat, and new computer. As we count the last minutes of the old, we are grateful for what could have devastated us, but made us resilient and for what made us happy.

The inner self conversations are poignant.  There is the beckoning of a “new you,” or “new beginning.” What will you strive for this New Year?  Here is an idea:  Let us strive for a new mindset. 

Let twenty twenty-one be the year of the New Human Mindset,” one that breeds into the fabric of our souls, that every human is a human, no more, no less.  

As we reckon with days gone, staring at the horizon, the bantering in our heads should resound with gratitude.   As we reflect on this coming New Year’s Eve; we are filled with inimitable thoughts.

You realize that success is not the physical objects attained, these give a false sense of a temporal pleasure. Rather, it’s being able to see the sun set, sun rise from your bedroom window.

The Special Event Uprising Humanity

Perhaps marriages, a graduation, the birth of a baby are the most meaningful events that would mark a given year.  The problem is there does not need to be a reason to celebrate life.  Life is living.  Life is the special event.  Living can only occur in the present moment, thence that very moment passes, it is the past; and takes the space of a memory in our brains.  Be proud in the present thankful for life.  Every second is the special occasion of your life.

The future can never, ever recreate or bring back a wrested moment.  It’s gone.  Do not waste life’s precious passing; fill it with passion and purpose.  Seconds wasted string together to create a life “full of voids.”  

The special event of life is breathing. Forced by fear of a virus we realize the breath makes living possible.  Each breath is a twinkling flash in your life.

The pandemic made us hanker for protection; our masked faces have proven that the breath is our life blood.  The one thing we take greatest for granted, our breath, we must respect and protect.

But 2020 was far more that a special event.  It was the life and century marking occasion that altered human beliefs to the core.  We realized that all the joy of experiencing a birth, or marriage or graduation that we dream about, plan for, are insignificant if we cannot share it with loved ones. They make our joys worthwhile.  We adapted new ways to share joy via Zoom, and Skype, and every meeting app available.  Not even a pandemic could stop our need for connection and interactions to keep us sane and connected.

In a prison the greatest form of punishment is complete isolation, as breathing, human interaction is a privilege taken for granted, we need each other and that brings us joy.  Suddenly, being able to sit across someone six feet apart is more meaningful than sitting side by side.  Sadly, it took such drastic measures for us to realize that having someone close by your side, close enough to listen to their heart or a deep breath is a privilege.

Individual Growth Waters a Shared Humanity

Reflection often means that we give more than a passing thought to something.  As we play with, and contemplate 2020, the year has pointedly demonstrated our collective vulnerabilities, for the fear of a virus physically imprisoned our bodies and minds and made us stop and stay put. For once, our money, power, assets, beauty, education, owning a home, or being homeless, made no difference in the hands of illness.  Indeed, we realized the experience of stillness, and grasped more than we imagined.  In isolation we grew to realize the things that make us free and human, are not things, but it is the life breath. 

The new symbol of our humanity became a mask.

Breathing became the most valuable commodity, amassing masked faces for a unified protection from each other and we became separate masked entities.   

The concealed face jumped started our joint appreciation for what is a gentle touch, a whisper, a smile, an admiring gaze, or an affectionate kiss on the cheek.   

Thoughts of freedom, was found in the unmasked self, to grapple for the liberty to breathe the free air, we’ve grown to take for granted.   Waving across the street and greeting a neighbour became the new vacation.  The new fashion accessory was the bedecked mask, its sparkling gemstones crystalized the real message of twenty-twenty. 

In the face of our humanity, what we own and who we are, means nothing.  It is our underlying potential for cooperation and kindness that remains our greatest success.

The complexities of modern life, has driven the belief that everything is multifaceted, requiring technologically sophisticated mechanisms.  We realize how dependent we’ve become on technology to interact with one another, to the point of human mockery, and now we know that the complexities of life are actually simple fixes.  Now we can mourn loved ones, write examinations, get married, take care of our health, order food or groceries, and entertain ourselves, all from our castles.