To the person who wants to shine in their next interview… these tips may help improve your chances of getting the job or internship opportunity that you want:

1. Research the company culture, interviewer, employee satisfaction. You may not have the experience they are looking for but you may have the drive they need!

2. Dress appropriately for the interview but still be authentic

3. Go in with the genuine intention of showing your value to the company, not just landing a “job.”

4. Bring multiple copies of your resume (you may have more than one person interviewing you)

5. Also, bring a clean notepad and a pen.

6. Arrive 10-15 min early (that’s really on-time)

7. While you wait, don’t play on your phone, and preferably turn your phone on silent or off completely.

8. Greet the receptionist, janitor, and EVERYONE you come across because you don’t know who they are or whom they may report to. That person could be a team member sent to observe how you communicate and treat others. They could be the reason you do or don’t get the job.

9. Smile, breathe, relax.

10. When the interviewer appears, address them by their name (pronounce their name correctly), shake their hand firmly (but don’t break it), make eye contact.

11. Answer questions HONESTLY (your interviewer probably already knows the answer, if you lie it could harm your integrity)

12. If you don’t have “experience,” highlight your strengths by giving real-life examples where skills like teamwork, grit, and communication shine through.

13. Never speak badly about a former boss. It gives your prospective employers the confidence that you’d protect their interest in public as well.

14. During “panel interviews” look each individual interviewer in the eye and don’t just focus on one person.

15. Don’t talk over the interviewer or cut them off. Be aware of their body language.

16. Ask questions about the role, training, culture, and company. Taking a new job opportunity is a big life decision…make an informed one!

17. When it comes to salary don’t sell yourself short.

18. Before leaving, ask for their business card. Follow up by sending a hand-written “thank you” note the same day. Follow-up via email a week later.

19. Always thank the receptionist/front office staff before you leave!

20. Remember, not only is the employer looking for the best candidate for the job but YOU ARE INTERVIEWING THEM TOO! Make sure it’s a workplace that aligns with your values.

Remember that the little things, like saying hello to the janitor they value and saying “thank you” to the receptionist on your way out matter just as much as your degree.

Job skills can be taught but character cannot! So let your character shine, and above all, be authentic.

What interview tips do you have? Share them in the comments below so that others can learn from you.

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  • Shaneé Moret

    Co-Founder of MedSnake Media

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