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The biggest problem I see in the world today is disconnection.  People are disconnected from themselves, each other, their hearts, their desires, their dreams and their joy.  As I sat reflecting on the simplest things that created the greatest change for me in my life, I remembered being at a Dr Joe Dispenza retreat where he offered these two questions.  They did indeed turn out to be life changing!

I began answering both these questions quite superficially.  However, after a short time, I noticed a complete shift in the types of things I was going after.  These questions proved to be very profound in their depth and if you allow them to, they will take you into deeper parts of your Being than you can even imagine right now.

I will add a bit of a caveat at this point.  I do use meditation as a practice to connect.  To connect back into myself, my heart, my Soul and to Grace.  I’m not prescribing meditation necessarily, even though I am definitely an advocate.  It is more about the practice of connecting to you, in whatever form you find beneficial.  Some people like to connect with nature and others connect with art; it’s basically anything that disconnects you from the external wants, needs and desires of others and connects you back into yourself.  Go towards that, you know what works for you.

When you are in tune with you, you are more likely to connect with these questions on a much deeper level and most likely, you will surprise yourself with some of the answers.  I hope you do.  These aren’t questions you ask yourself once and then forget about them.  They are questions you can ask yourself constantly.  They are particularly helpful when things are not going according to plan.  They offer a grounding stone for you to stop and have a look at the situation at hand and ask yourself…  What do I want?  Who do I want to be?

What do I want?

Most people can let you know exactly what they don’t want but when you ask them what they want instead, there can be a lot of silence.  People aren’t used to being asked this question.  Generally, we have been told what’s good for us.  Life is about the knowing to get a good job, pay off the mortgage, have 2.5 children, have a nice car and go on holiday with the family every year.  However, is this where all the joy is?  Is this the path to fulfilment and meaning?  If your answer to this is yes, then awesome, keep doing what you’re doing.  But if your answer to these questions is no, then perhaps sitting down with a cup of tea, no distractions and asking yourself this question can offer a chance for your heart to speak.  Make it a fun exercise, be in the expectation of opening up to something magical and prepared especially for you.

Who do I want to be?

Again, we can get caught up with the labels, I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a wife, a mother, a father, a husband.  I’m sure you have a big list for yourself.  We can be all of those things but again, these are things we do not necessarily who we are.  Taking the time to answer this question can take you closer to your bliss.  Because once we observe that maybe we actually want to be joyful, loving, connected, unified, free, powerful, generous, courageous… then life takes on a whole new meaning.  Then life’s questions become about how do we BE that person and what does that person want?  You may start to see a whole new picture for yourself.  What does the courageous you want?  What does the powerful you want?  What does the loving you want?  What does the connected you want?

It’s time to take your power back.   Love yourself enough to go on the journey.  Connect to yourself on the deepest level by asking yourself the two greatest questions “What do I want?” and “Who do I want to be?”  So much peace, love, joy and connection can be gained from operating in alignment with your heart, your Soul and your biggest passions for life.

Kirsten Barfoot is an Australian based Transformational Speaker, Coach and Author who inspires and guides people to Being wealthy, even in times of uncertainty.  Sign up for her Inspirational Newsletter here