We recommend two shifts at the level of thought to help you break out of your old, automatic thinking and behavioral patterns and create new ways of experiencing a beautiful life.

  • A shift from thought-slavery to the calm witness of thoughts
  • A shift from thought-slavery to author (or architect) of thoughts


As “calm-witness of thoughts” you will gain awareness of, and detachment from, automatic thoughts.

Your mind becomes calm as you gently notice your breath and/ or inner body energy field. If you are tense you might want to perform a simple relaxing body scan.

Witness mind activity. Simply realize that you cannot possibly be thoughts and emotions that are merely temporary – they come and go. Simply notice them effortlessly and don’t identify. [By all means keep a list of things that are important – like paying that bill – but don’t make a thought train or story out of uninvited thoughts unnecessarily]. Be empty. You are the constant, unchanging awareness that witnesses phenomena that come and go. Abide as pure awareness and release yourself from the matrix of suffering. In essence, you are unconditioned consciousness – emptiness.


As “author of thoughts,” you are free to consciously program your life that might include using tools like consistently repeated affirmations and visualizations. Other possible tools include hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

As author of thought you can cause your mind-space to become occupied with qualities that support invincibility and growth such as:

  • Spiritual qualities like awareness, presence, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, serenity, compassion, equanimity, love, peace and joy
  • Expressed human qualities like positive emotions, happiness, engagement, optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, empathy and kindness
  • Growth related qualities like purpose, persistence, principles, values, authenticity and opportunism

Flood your mind with positivity each and every day.

Be both present and pleasant. Present as calm witness, dis-identified from mind, and living blissfully in this very here and now, experiencing the joy of being. Freedom.  Pleasant as author or architect – with impeccable thoughts; kind, positive and productive self-talk; positive interactions with others; and indulging supportive actions and habits.

Source: Based on Peak Performance!! Invincible available on Amazon.


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