As we have night and day, black and white, tall and short, left and right, little and BIG, soft and hard, wink and stare….we begin our journey of knowledge learning about opposites at an early aged — my first was right and wrong.

My interpretation of the theory of relativity guided me to find empathy with “both sides” and my realization of the reality of authenticity made me choose.

I spent years being quasi wishi-washi. As I struggled with seeing and understanding the roots of both sides of all situations and things, I eventually decided to have empathy for all, but to make a choice to embrace.

In the midst of a recording session with David Lee Spradley and Dr. George Clinton, we coined “Stand for Something of Fall,” as a chorus line…I now embrace it as an essential element of my survival.

As I stand up I look out, but never forget to look in, as without my clarity on my roots, I cannot trust my voice.

r.u. with Y.O.U.?

(Your Optimum Understanding of self)

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