Leadership is often thought about speaking, motivating, encouraging the team. But with all this, leadership is also about how one connects with the team they are leading. As a leader, you are expected to speak, mentor and guide, give insights and transparent information. But other part of leadership is to listen, listen to the team and to the individuals. 

While each member is waiting for their leader to speak, but within their heart they are also wish that they are heard. How often do we interact with our team? This interaction is best when it happens in-person. 

The personal interaction (be it face to face or audio) always takes place with human feelings. To build a strong relationship, it is always important to see and hear in-person. This builds trust and confidence. The in-person communications has a long lasting impact on each other. This also makes things easier and transparent. With in-person conversations, one can see and hear the emotions, the feelings and read the expressions. 

If you are leading a team, make sure you speak to the individual, give them time, and just listen to what they have to say. Sometimes the team member may not be looking for a solution, but looking to just share and be heard. It is important for a leader to not just preach leadership by motivating speeches, but it is important for them to also listen to what others have to say. 

So next time if someone approaches you and wants to have a conversation, go for a face to face interaction – this is a very effective and transparent mode of communication, and builds long lasting positive relations.