There are two key skills you must master.

You must commit to mastering these two valuable skills in order to begin to thrive as an entrepreneur.

We teach both in a dead simple, paint by numbers format as the basis of building a leveraged group program that allows you to make more income and impact in less time.

Yes, masterminds are my favorite. 

We’ve done them all over the world now, Bali, China, Greece, Italy, Hong Kong… the list goes on.

But also events, workshops, hybrid courses, coaching and consulting programs.

Whatever your flavor, we can help you rock it.

No matter what you choose to do, these two  skills will always be the driving force behind your success. 


But WHY do we relentlessly focus on these two core skills?

This is how people gain the evidence that they can win, which breeds the confidence they need to make a real shift in their businesses and impact the people they want to impact.

No matter what else happens in their business, they know they can help people make a transformative decision to invest in themselves, which is the first step to achieving anything of merit.

You can take a stand for your clients best and highest version of themselves, and allow them to fully show up.

And that, coupled with a burning desire to serve others and and a take no BS, no excuses, buck-stops-here attitude of commitment to client results no-matter-what…

…then they are well on their way to serving their life’s mission in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Why high ticket sales and direct response copywriting?

I know it’s the thing they’re most afraid of.

I know it’s the thing that deep down they will make the most difference if they master it.

I know, after 20 years as an entrepreneur, that it’s the ONE thing, that when they get traction on, they’ll realize it helps a lot of people, is a lot of fun, and they can make a LOT of money doing it.

Which means they no longer don the shameful garb of a wantrepreneur, they can finally join the lofty ranks of entrepreneur.

A rare air that many want to breathe, but few ever do.

Where they can earn whatever they want.

Live wherever and however they want.

Travel when they want, work when they want.

Create a LIFE, not just a living. 

In this mission, I am not alone, certainly.

There are others who provide these services.

But I know that this is the core of building any successful business which has an impact on the people it serves.

So I focus on these skills first no matter what.

And whether you choose to work with us to Make More Marbles or someone else, make sure they help you nail these two things….

Because once you nail it, then you can scale it.

I love you, thank you.