These tiny words can suck any bit of confidence, level of courage, even determination, right out of the air. 

You may not even realize you are using them, but when you do, you are teaching the person you are speaking with to think of your project, your thought, your career, your trauma, as NOTHING! And, if it is nothing to you, then why should it be ANYTHING to them?

JUST AND LITTLE! These two, seemingly powerless words, can stop you in your tracks!

Can we stop belittling the work we do, and the work others do, by saying “just” and ”little”? These words are Power Vampires, they suck out any self-worth and trust we have in ourselves. We teach others how to treat us. If you feel you are just a homemaker , or have a little project you are working on, then you teach others to feel the same way about you and your work. 

STOP IT! A simple change in the verbiage will have you standing tall about your contributions by the time you finish the sentence. 

It is not a “little” project! It is a project! You are not just a homemaker, you make a home and run a home for everyone under your roof. You keep lives in sync, aid in growth and learning, and you are helping a human being/s evolve to be the best human being they can be. 

No one is ever ”just” and “little”. Everyone deserves the full amount of recognition they work so hard for everyday, so take it, don’t give it away!

Written by: Dayna Mohan