We all see it, hear it, experience it, witness it. In current times, every day, more and more; divisive positions, language and reactions continue to plague so many of us. It feels systemic, and it can make us feel hopeless, on edge or just plain unhappy. Breathe easy. Just because that tone seems to be the ‘news of the day’ does not mean you are obligated to buy into it, or even that you must be a part of it.

It’s easier than ever to lose our alignment with being sensitive to others, compassion,empathy or – grace. Did you know that curiosity can bring in grace and cool heated discussions or experiences?

The next time you are having difficult to manage thoughts or feelings, or feel in a defensive or reactive state – in person or online, get curious about the feelings or the other person. Let’s collectively remember that we are the creators of our life and experiences – all of them, good or bad; and that we are forever in the driver’s seat.

If you find yourself becoming anxious or even angry – get curious instead. Ask yourself why you feel so reactive or sensitive. Ask why the other person or persons involved seem so. Get curious about that person’s point of view – before presuming, before anger, before anything – get curious.

Curiosity is creativity’s best friend, along with imagination and yes, even a little grace. It pulls the steam from the momentum of anger or hostility and gives a sense of caring, interest – possibly even compassion or empathy. How do you feel when someone is curious about you? Settled, at ease, welcoming.

Curiosity breeds harmony and ease, anger breeds hostility and further division. Which result do you want? How do you want to feel? You are in charge. Now let’s get curious together and take part in bringing more harmony and interest to the world, as opposed to what headlines and narratives lead us into, shall we?

Together, we really can give shape and have a vital hand in creating the world we want to live in, for ourselves, our loved ones and the collective.

Mary Elizabeth Beary
Teacher | Author | Energy Medicine Practitioner
Founder, Find Your Fabulous – Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness from Skin to Soul
FB @findyourfabulousnow