So many of us hear it and so many of us do it without mindfully thinking over using those words; I’m sorry. We say it when we show up late, say it when someone feels badly about something unrelated to us personally – we say ‘I’m sorry’ a lot.

It does place us in a position of ‘less than,’ or ‘wrong,’ yet that’s just not always true.

I’m proposing to shift the energy by shifting your language and say, ‘thank you’ instead.

Here’s how it works; you rush in to the restaurant a little late to a planned lunch with the girls, or the guys, saying ‘I’m so sorry I’m late guys!’ as you take your seat. This often leads to explanations that take up space in the experience, and positions you as potentially being disrespectful.

When you rush in and take your seat, saying’ thank you for your patience guys, I made it!’ you then set the tone of gratitude and it lifts the vibration of the entire moment. This positive, enriching energetic momentum then fuels through the rest of your moments during that gathering.

We empower and enrich ourselves and each other by shifting the energy, by a simple change of our vocabulary to one of gratitude, instead of one of inherently asking for forgiveness or to be open to a negative judgement from others.

Vocabulary shifts can be enriching or disruptive, lets be more mindful with all of our words to each other, online and offline, because the world must have more light towards each other and ourselves during the unprecedented times we are living in today.

Thank you. : )