Tyler the Hypnotist is a transformational hypnotherapist who’s on a mission to heal the world by changing the general notion of hypnosis.

In this article, Tyler shares insight on how he’s achieved success handled stress, and sparked motivation for his cause.

Staying Calm

When it comes to stressful situations, most of us are guilty of erupting and letting it all out in terrible ways. Sometimes we scream at a colleague, break things, and get angry for the wrong reasons.

We tend to forget that keeping a calm head in these situations can help reduce our stress levels and help us find clarity.

To Tyler, feeling stress is a choice; yes, it’s a little bit controversial. To clear things up, I’ll let him take it over from here;

“If you feel like stress is not a choice, tag along. I’m going to hypnotize you through text and teach you something compelling!

Let’s start with this, I guess you’ve listened to a song before, maybe with a group of friends or someone you care about, and every time since then, when you hear that song it reminds you of that moment and you end up feeling the way you felt then.

I want to refer to this song as an anchor. Something that keeps you from drifting apart in violent situations. 

Right now, we are going to set an anchor that would ultimately relieve you any time you feel stressed.

Now follow along carefully, if you’re a righty, make a first with your right hand, and if you’re a lefty, make an opening with your left hand. (Make a fist with your dominant hand)

Now read this paragraph before you start this experience.

In a moment, I want you to make a fist with your hand. Once you do that, close your eyes and imagine the stress and anxiety in your body flood into your clenched fist, starting from the center of your chest.

Keep pushing the stress, anxiety, and negative energy through your body and lock it inside your fist.

This might take up to ten seconds, but once you’re done, take a deep breath, exhale and open your fist.

Once your fist is open, I want you to let all that tension and stress that was trapped flown into the air, watch it vanish entirely as it leaves your fist.

After this, you’ll feel clear, calm, and collected. Now close your eyes and begin this experience!”

Avoiding burnout & Sparking Motivation

Tyler rarely experiences burnout.  Now the question is why? Well, this originates from the unexplainable desire to fulfill his mission; each morning, Tyler wakes up; he feels motivated to heal and train more people with the tool of change called hypnosis.

“Once you prioritize your purpose and a strong desire to fulfill that purpose, motivation comes immediately.”- Tyler.

Grooming Successful habits

How do you form a success-driven habit?

Do you stay consistent with a particular habit for twenty-one days? Or perhaps set achievable milestones that would eventually lead to the new pattern?

The truth is that none of the ways mentioned above are wrong. There are various methods of forming good habits.

Tyler recommends you make micro-commitments,  you could think of this as the act of making tiny promises to yourself. For example, instead of working out at the gym for an hour a day, you could commit to stepping into the gym every day.

This is something Tyler tells all the individuals he’s helped. It’s much easier to commit to showing up at the gym than an hour-long workout. Once you build enough momentum with your micro-commitment, you’ll be learning to go further.

Tyler shares, ” Commit to one micro-commitment and after thirty days of consistency, add another micro commitment.”

Moving forward 

In the future, Tyler plans to practice self-hypnosis every night. He figured out that self-hypnosis is a tool that manipulates the law of attraction to your favor. If you’d like to master the art of hypnosis, you can reach out to Tyler on his website!