Many individuals and families struggle with behavioral challenges, which Tynan Mason has committed himself to fix through Higher Grounds Mgmt. and Journey Home. Teenagers or young adults who struggle with drugs and alcohol or have a nasty attitude toward others can benefit from this elite service. And with Tynan Mason’s experience as a juvenile probation officer, former gang intervention specialist, and deputy probation officer, he is in a good position to help effect the necessary positive changes in anybody.

Because of his experience, Tynan Mason had the vision to establish his own correctional practice that uses a different approach from the conventional approaches. He established Higher Grounds Elite Behavior & Intervention Management for that purpose. With his business partner and cousin, Mike Beiras, also a certified life and health coach, Tynan Mason is making his dream of instilling the best behavior into people one person at a time come to life.

Both Tynan and Mike have a collective 38 years of experience between them, and they cover all the bases as far as behavioral correction goes. Coach Tynan specializes in motivational interviewing techniques, family mediation, behavior intervention, and relapse prevention, while Coach Mike specializes in substance abuse treatment, high-risk offender case management, crisis intervention, and family mediation.

Tynan’s desire to help with behavioral correction stems from the fact that he struggled with bad choices as a kid and young adult as well. His older cousin now business partner, Mike, mentored him till he turned a new leaf. He studied psychology and criminal justice from the University of Nevada and also received certifications in conflict resolution and mediation. He graduated from the Manhattan Beach Leadership Council, and he serves as a coach/mentor to many Southern California families.

Alongside Higher Grounds Elite Behavior & Intervention Management, Coach Tynan Mason along with co-founder Mark Bell, founded Journey Home, a local non-profit organization. At Journey Home, they aim to provide guidance, support, and behavior modification to kids and young adults with behavioral challenges.

The entire team working with Tynan Mason is made up of former federal and juvenile probation officers, board-certified behavior analysts, licensed marriage and family therapists, individualized academic tutors, and certified life and health coaches.

Higher Grounds Mgmt. and Journey Home work hand in hand with families using evidence-based treatment programs until families can be successful on their own or with minimal assistance. Other practices rely on therapy and rehab to fix behavioral challenges, which leads to the possibility of a relapse. HG and JH do things differently. They are much more hands-on, which limits room for relapse and problem behavior, thus helping families reach their full potential.

The goal is to see both Higher Grounds Mgmt and Journey Home fully operational in every metropolitan city in the United States. They are offering parents a service that they can rely on to deliver behavior modification methods that work without relying on outpatient services of therapy alone. They are with you every step of the way until your family sees consistent results with minimal or no additional supervision at all. 

Learn more on their respective websites here, Higher Grounds Mgmt. and Your Journey Home.