The world of entertainment has taken leaps and bounds into the future with the rise of technology. Computer graphics and animation capabilities have leveled up the entertainment experience for watchers and viewers everywhere. And riding the wave of change and progress is one of today’s leading visual artists, director, and producer Tyrone Evans Clark.

Tyrone’s capabilities and talents are unbelievably exhaustive. He has experience with VR and AR Development, Python, C++, C#, 3D modeling, animation, identity design, user experience design, branding, game content creation, integrated marketing, advertising, web assets, digital printing processes, graphic reproduction, color coding, and typography, to name a few. 

A Chicago native, Tyrone’s journey started with a passion for video games. He completed high school at Benton Harbor High School in 2005, majoring in Arts and Communication. The designer and producer completed a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Game Art and Design from the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. Since then, he’s been working his magic, working for some of the most progressive agencies and entertainment companies in the industry. He has worked with many leading development companies throughout his creative career, including industry leaders like Disney Interactive, Digital Media Academy, Possible Reality, Oxford Park Exchange, 9K9, Rareform Pictures, and Razor Edge games, among many others.

After spending several years in the creative studio space, Tyrone Evans Clark would shift his attention toward entertainment media. He became a multi-award winning entertainer, actor, executive producer, writer, and director. Tyrone has appeared in shows and films such as “Reverie,” Netflix’s “Velvet Buzzsaw,” Netflix’s “Magic for Humans,” LIFETIME’S “Seatbelt Psychic,” E! Entertainment’s “Dating #NoFilter,” BET’s “Running Out of Time,” AXS TV’s “Women of Wrestling,” MTV’s “Flex on My Ex,” FOX’s “Phone Swap,” Awesomeness TV’s “Tri Me,” “Face The Truth (with Vivica A. Fox),” and so much more. 

Tyrone even has a popular podcast out titled CALL TYRONE!!! On this podcast Tyrone Evans Clark talks about his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, along with random things that unexpectedly come to his mind.

He sings too and is famously known for producing, singing, writing, and performing the songs “Look Me in My Eyes”, “Gotta Get Some Tissue!”, “We Gotta Figure It Out” (Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie  / TV Series Theme Song), “Video Game”, “Hope”, “Inside of Me!” (Courtesy of Tyrone Evans Clark Inc.). Most of these songs are heard in Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie.

But among all his entertainment work, the director’s opus has to be the 2020 film “Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie,” which reflects Tyrone’s firsthand experiences with homelessness during some of the darkest moments of his career. The film’s main character, Sam (played by Tyrone), reflects Tyrone’s inner demons. While comical in its twists and turns, the film dives into the harsh realities that many American families struggle with today, making it relatable and powerful.

Side by side with his entertainment work, Tyrone has also dedicated his life toward building his two businesses, Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. and Tyrone Evans Clark LLC. Today, he works hard to build up his development agency by providing top-level work in the areas of augmented reality, virtual reality, and working with some of the top media and tech companies in the industry. In recent times, Tyrone’s company has worked with leading game development / technology companies, Qualcomm and Beckman Coulter Diagnostics to develop VR and AR Scenario Games for some of their upcoming titles.

Tyrone Evans Clark is proficient in many tools and programs, including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Unity, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. With his experience, talent, and creativity, he is unmistakably a trailblazer in the field of technology, gaming, and visual design. He hopes that his story helps inspire people to overcome adversity by pursuing what one is truly passionate about, no matter how many curveballs life throws.To learn more about Tyrone Evans Clark and his companies, Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. and Tyrone Evans Clark LLC, visit his websites ( and, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.