Why do we cover up our ugly bits? Why are we so bent on portraying a flawless image to the world? An unattainable Utopian ideal.

I caught myself looking at pictures of me and wishing all my unwanted bits away. I mean, I gym, I jog, I eat healthy but the struggle to hold on to a youthful body is real… perhaps you’ve felt it too… I mean the struggle.

But we don’t just do this with externals, we do it with our internals as well… we hide away in shame, cover up our sin, pretend all is well.

Fillers for the lips, Botox for our wrinkles, dye for the greys, butt lifts for the behind; we’re obsessed with perfection.

The one night stand, the obsession with pornography, the addiction to food, cannabis and crack. The depression, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred and low self-esteem. The constant comparison of ourselves with other flawed human beings.

The Scriptures tell us, “No one is acceptable to God, not even one – Romans 3:10

We can touch up our pics with filters or photoshop, but the truth is; the decay is here to stay, well in this earthly realm.

Adam and eve put paid to any hope for perfection that we could ever hope for and though we mask up in faked glory, inside and out, we’re all but flawed human beings.

What if I told you there is a way out – it’s like this, when you plant a seed, the outer shell dies and in its place, a plant or flower of immense beauty emerges and begins to grow.

Well that’s exactly what happens when we receive the seed of Jesus into our hearts. He fills our houses of clay (yes we’re made of mud and to mud we will all return) with the seed of His word and His Spirit, then a new creation is birthed, and an inner transformation begins.

God had it all mapped out, an amazing plan to save us from our decay! The thing is, He hates the flakiness and lying that He sees in us; and can only help us when we’re transparent and admit that we need His help,

But you want complete honesty, so teach me true wisdom – Psalm 51:6.

Our pride and ego will get us nowhere, we’ve got to come clean, spill the beans; all the sordid details, to Him (no need to go confessing to a priest!).

When we do this, he cleans us up and fills us with the seed of His word and His Spirit. A metamorphosis like no other takes place, believe me, I’m a prototype of His new seed!

The wrinkles won’t suddenly disappear, nor will you suddenly become exempt from the difficulties that life in this realm has to offer but ‘your youth will be renewed like the eagles’. You will experience hope, real joy, the assurance of love and acceptance by the greatest being in the Universe (God), and the hope of spending eternity in heaven – now that serves the deathblow to any foreboding fear of death that may have plagued our beautiful minds!

Ready to make that move right Now? Dear God, I’m done, faking, pretending and hiding. I’m coming clean, I hate what I have become on the inside and want the seed of your word and your Spirit to transform my life. Forgive me for my wrong. Jesus come and live in my heart (say this sincerely; from your heart).

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  • Margaret Baderin

    Youthworker, writer, blogger, poet, singer

    http://pjsgroup.co.uk/margaret-baderin-instant-reality/    Margaret Baderin is a writer, blogger, poet, singer and mother to two wonderful children. She has written for Melaninandafros, Mental Health Music UK, Collective Calling Spain and has been a guest blogger for Claudine Reid MBE. As a youth practitioner, trained in mental health first aid, she has run varied music/writing workshops and helped young people build resilience and mental well-being via HeadStart's creative workshops for young people. She is also the youth co-ordinator for Belvedere Baptist Church and the coordinator for Re-instates W-rap project. You’ll find her OverJoy1.