Refusing to restrict his nursing career to the confines of the hospital, Ugo Eze is using the “In Search of Hope” podcast to reach out to persons in need of soul-lifting and hope-inspiring spiritual content, blessing the lives of those who tune in to the podcast

Nurses from around the world played critical roles and carried out crucial responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the heart of health care, Nurses have continued to be at the frontline of patient care in hospitals while actively involving themselves in evaluation and monitoring in communities. Yet, while the activities and contributions of nurses in these unprecedented times have been commendable, there are various aspects of life where humans need healing other than medical healing.

Among nurses, Ugo Eze shines out with a difference as he seeks to provide more than just medical services but healing beyond the boundaries of medical science. Ugo Eze is an Oncology Nurse based in New York City who has used his “In Search of Hope” podcast to provide spiritual and emotional healing to persons who need them. Through his podcast and activities on social media, Ugo Eze has recorded testimonies of so many people who have enjoyed a rejuvenation, having experienced challenging circumstances. 

Speaking on the testimonies and the growth in followership the podcast has enjoyed in recent times, Ugo Eze had this to say, “We absolutely feel like we are making a difference in the community. From the responses we are getting from the listeners on the Instagram account to the new guests being booked, something beautiful is happening here, and it is really exciting to be a part of it. And we all know that our world can certainly use more uplifting content and hope.”

The “In Search of Hope” podcast aims to reach out to people interested in relatable conversations about spirituality, religion, and lifestyle. People have been immensely blessed by the podcast, which can be found on all major podcast streamng platforms. 

Assuring of his desire to continue the podcast and providing spiritual and emotional healing, Ugo Eze said, “We know that Sunday service isn’t for everyone, but this podcast takes the love and hope of God and takes it to the street level. Our goal and purpose are for people to walk away feeling more hopeful about their circumstances and to know that they aren’t alone. There is a community out here, rooting for them and wanting the best for them.”

To join Ugo Eze and the episodes of the “In Search of Hope” podcast and experience healing for the spirit and the mind, you can find it on any major podcast streamng service.

Connect with Ugo Eze via Instagram @mrugoeze.

Email: [email protected] 

About Ugo Eze

After the tragic loss of his father to Canser oncology nurse Ugo Eze set out to understand how people find hope in the darkest of times. Of course, there will be laughs, tears, and even unanswerable questions. But most of all, there will be hope.

Aside from being a nurse, Ugo is a public speaker, musician, worship leader, and author of “Let the Games Begin: A Guide to Self-Exploration and Team Building Activities.” He resides in New York City with his wife, CJ.


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