Science is finally catching up to what the mystics have known for
thousands of years– you are what you eat, think, feel, do, express and
share. The results are determined from the choices you’ve made, rooted
in the myriad of conscious and unconscious beliefs you have, negative or
positive, set in year’s past. Hmmm, depending how you view it, this
could either be good or bad news for you.

What literally shows up in your life now is effectively the end result of what you have chosen. I know, tough love. Honestly look around, because what you see IS WHAT IS.

If you take on that you created all of it, the good, bad, and ugly, you’ll be able to make some huge profound shifts. Happiness will follow in ways that will surprise you.

The exception to this is what I call big ticket items. Take the meteor that recently crashed in Russia. An intergalactic rock hurling through space that smashes your car should be filed under WTF or I have no earthly idea. There was no rhyme or reason to that meteor shower crashing down, hence no direct individual cause.

Those big ticket item rarely happen.

The frequently asked question is, “but what about a particular medical illness?” We all know smoking cigarettes will lead to cancer. Excessive drinking will cause liver problems. High cholesterol causes heart disease. We obviously understand those correlations. But what about your general poor food choices, like chemical laden processed foods, which directly affects one’s gene expression and can lead to all kind of downstream diseases? On some level you know this. So if years later you leave the doctor with a particular diagnoses, will you file it as an ‘unexplainable big ticket item?’

Health, relationships, career, money, etc. are all results of the choices you made. If you go to the beach and choose to forgo the suntan lotion, you’ll probably look like a lobster the next day. If you keep piling up papers on your desk, you’ll have a messy desk. If you start an arguments with you spouse, I can’t imagine s/he will feel sexy later that day. Cause = Effect. Pretty simple stuff.

Choosing is a commitment to practice a way of life. As in the eastern tradition of the word, practice is a gentle focused approach. Become aware of your actions. Notice the results. If you don’t like the results, make different choices. It really is that simple.

Lizards don’t consider whether they want to bask in the sun 20 minutes longer, go for a run, or make plans with a friend. The unique part of being human is you get to.

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