It is always amazing to learn about all those people who exude a different level of zealousness, energy and tenacity when it comes to creating milestones in their industries. These individuals, especially youngsters, have shown the world how it is to be done and how people can cross boundaries and achieve the success they seek in their lives and career. Umar Manzoor is all about this and much more. He is a 30-year-old young musical talent who is gradually making his mark in the world with his selfless acts as well.

Umar Manzoor is a youngster in the music world who gained immense recognition and success as a British Pakistani singer, songwriter and composer when he released his debut single and video named Bekhud in May 2020, produced by the renowned music producer Irfan Chaudry.

The amount of love he received for his first song motivated him to release other songs like Ya Nabi, Khuda Ki, Madinay Ke Aaqa and Sukoon, which also achieved tremendous success and accolades, so much so that his singles Ya Nabi and Sukoon earned over 200K views on the major streamng platform YouTube in the first week of their release. The multilingual nature of his music (particularly Arabic and Punjabi) has been well received throughout the UK, South Asia and the Arab world, which has further propelled him forward in the music industry.

However, his life also took a turn when in 2017, he lost his mother. Umar Manzoor says, “That really shook me as I was very close to my mother. However, her teachings, the values and principles she has taught me will always remain with me forever, and for that, I initiated my charity named Al-Fikr charity in 2018 for the generosity and selflessness my mother taught me in life”.

Further talking about his charity, Umar Manzoor says that it is a 100% non-profit organization, and they work on projects in their local community in Milton Keynes and also reach out to people globally.

What makes Al-Fikr stand apart from others is that it is not bound by geographical location, ethnicity, colour, gender or religious boundaries. They reach out to everyone because they truly believe giving is believing.