Unapologetically Me, Carol Evans, Business Consultant and Coach

We all know how much pleasure social media can bring. It’s incredible how easy it is to connect with people all over the world – whether that be distant family members or business suppliers, clients and of course our team.

However, we also know how it can so easily lead to negative emotions and a strong sense of “comparison-itis” as we are inexorably drawn to compare our current status with that which we see online.

We’ve all been there, I’m sure.

The internet is bursting at the seams. My streams are filled with proclamations of great success. How, if I follow an exact formula, I too can enjoy the same amazing “overnight” success.

How, if I wear this outfit, or use that cream, I can be as desirable as the person in the image. Enjoy popularity and be highly esteemed.

It’s tempting isn’t it?

I was listening to the radio en-route to a client location the other day and this girl had phoned up to tell the story of her graduation ball. I’m sure that after years of studying hard, this is the party of all parties… You want to stand out, reflect the success of what you’ve achieved to date and indicate the direction in which you are now heading…

Imagine, therefore, being shepherded in to a room mid way through the evening, only to find another 7 girls all dressed exactly the same…?

There are literally so many places to buy a dress, and so many dresses to choose from. How did 8 people attending the same ball select the exact same one?

Any impact you want to make is instantly diluted.

You may still look amazing. You may still look successful and accomplished. But nevertheless, the effect is definitely diminished.

The same thing applies to your business.

We all go through periods of time in our businesses that are challenging to say the least. It’s at those times in particular, that we are more than likely to be open to copying what others are doing.

Maybe we are looking for a quick fix? Maybe we have started to doubt ourselves, doubt our ability and frustrated with a lack of progress and success.

After all, our social media channels are literally dripping with “overnight” success stories. People posing in front of flashy cars, houses, holiday destinations…. encouraging you to sign up and learn their secrets to 7 figures, so you too can be just like them…

We make the mistake of also looking at other people’s businesses. Our competitors. We compare where we are with where they are, but all we notice is how little we have achieved compared to them. We don’t stop to consider:

  • How long they have been in business… they may have 20, 30 , 40 years on us…
  • Are they “telling” the full story? Or just the bits they want us to know?
  • How much it costs them to achieve their 6 or 7 figures? Do we ever consider that might indeed cost them 6 or 7 figures to get it?
  • Whether they actually feel as successful as they put out? Or are they just following someone else?
  • How we are currently feeling is just par the course, and it will soon pass and we have the ability to succeed, in our own unique way…

It’s just so easy to make assumptions. 

The frustrating thing is that we often assume great things about others and bad things about ourselves!

It’s just one more way for us to beat ourselves up and hit that downward spiral.

So, why should we break away from the “me-too” syndrome and step in to our own unique and perfect profile?

  • Well, life would be so incredibly boring if all of us were exactly the same! Yawn!
  • What suits one person just doesn’t suit another.
  • Our backgrounds are all different, our skillsets are diverse, our experience varies
  • We all have values, but it’s unlikely that we all share the same top 5 values, which ultimately shape who we are and dictate our preferences (we just need know them and stay true to them)
  • We all show up in the world differently

There are just way too many variables in our lives for us all to be successful following the exact same process. What works for one person is in no way guaranteed to work for us.

In fact, it can be the very downfall of us if we do follow they blueprint to the letter.

Knowing Your Why

The very first thing we need to do, in order to break away from “Me-too” is to know our reason why. This is totally different for everyone. I’m driven because I want to see people get the results they want. I want to make enough money to help those around me live their best lives and offer opportunities to other people in business. I used to take my experience for granted. I thought everyone knew what I knew. But that is far from true and I realise that is one of the things that makes what I offer unique.

So, why do you do what you do? What does it give you? What would you do if you didn’t need to make money/ get paid? Where do you feel completely in the zone? What are the the tasks that you do that you do when you are at your best?

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you do not have to pretend to be the other! Just be yourself.

What are you passionate about? What makes your heart truly sing? What triggers you to act? Make a stand? What are you doing when you are in the flow?

Being Prepared To Take The Required Action

One of the reasons why many of us may not achieve the dreamy 7 figures, is that we are just not prepared to take the action necessary. Yes, there is a framework to show you how to do this, but do you want to do those tasks? Consistently…

When you carve out your dream business and integrate all that makes you who you are and represents the person you are meant to be, you draw clients and prospects towards you who will get the most benefit from what you offer. You can appeal to them in a way that no-one else can. Now this market may be smaller than a more general one, but it will yield higher conversion rates, lower acquisition costs and ultimately more profit.

In addition you are in flow.

Yes, there will always be challenges. There will always be obstacles. BUT, you won’t feel as though you’re paddling up-stream every minute of every day.

In my mind there is a very basic business success formula to follow:

  • Know your why
  • Know your market and what they need and desire
  • Fulfil those needs and desires in a way that is truly beneficial and valuable to those clients and customers
  • Know your costs, charge the right prices and treat cash with the utmost respect
  • Plan, Act, Achieve, Repeat

Outside of that, the rest is up to you.

Work on building your confidence, your self esteem, your accountability, so that in moments of seemingly despair, you can still stay true to your own path, because that is where true success and satisfaction resides.