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The trend of renting an Airbnb rather than a traditional hotel room has recently surged to the forefront of the travel industry. No millennial vacation is complete without a little unpredictability in where we will rest our heads at night. 

Not only is this a unique step outside of a boring travel routine, it can also be much more budget-friendly than the usual hotel room would cost. Airbnbs offer a slew of options to fit all of the travelers’ requirements and match with their lifestyle. A vacation in a super cute Airbnb in the middle of nowhere could be exactly what you need to destress and reset. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking time off work can actually make you a better employee when you come back with a fresh mind. 

It may be surprising to learn that unconventional rentals are not as rare as you may believe. Sure, you may not be able to find a full Victorian-style mansion to stay at in your neighborhood, but unique accommodations may be closer to you than you think. A recent study by furniture company Joybird maps out which cities are home to the most unique Airbnb listings across the US. From tiny homes to farm stays, there is certainly no shortage of out of the ordinary accommodations for the adventurous tourist. 

Chula Vista is Dominated with Unconventional 

The study pulled data from Airbnb’s site to figure out proportionally how many of the listings were classified as nontraditional for each city surveyed. The results showed that the west coast dominates when it comes to out of the ordinary. 

Specifically, Chula Vista, California is the city with the most unique home listings across the states. Ultimately, over three-quarters of these listings are classified as unconventional – meaning it’s easier to be out of the norm than to stick to the traditions. 

Yurts, Tree Houses, Tiny Homes, Oh My! 

Chula Vista is not the only city in California to be up-to-date with this trend. Irvine, California earns an honorable mention when it comes to Airbnb listings for it’s wide variety of listings. When broken down by category, Irvine is the city with the most tiny houses (80 listings), tree houses (15 listings) and yurts (11 listings, tied with Anaheim, California) in the nation. 

New York is Supreme with Castles 

However, if you want to stay like a prince or princess while you vacation, the west coast may not be your best option. The city with the most castle rentals in the nation is Buffalo, New York, with 16 castle options in the 52 square miles. While there are tons of regal options in the northeast, you’ll have to dig a little harder to lock down the perfect vacation rental. 

No matter where you opt to spend your next vacation time, do some research before you commit to that hotel you always rely on. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can often lead to significant rewards, especially when you don’t know what to expect. This will give you the much-needed vacation from work you didn’t know you needed. 

Of course, like all things when it comes to vacation, it’s important to check your facts before you show up anywhere. Read into all the reviews and be prepared with an emergency backup plan in case something doesn’t go the way you intend it to – it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Staying at one of these outlandish options may not make for the perfect all-inclusive spa vacation of your dreams, but it will certainly make the travels unforgettable. You don’t need an expensive mani and pedi included in your travels to have a mindful escape. Sometimes alone time to reflect on life is exactly what the doctor ordered to get out of a rut.