We are happy in finding solutions to our problems.

This is a trap in which the human mind is caught.

Solutions can not ‘end’ the problem.

You have to understand the problem making mechanism to end it.

Mind seeks satisfaction through the solution of the problem.

Any problem creates uneasiness in you

It says, ‘take me out of the problem, uneasiness’.

Can one see that this is a new problem?

And this problem raises its head every time one faces an unfavourable situation.

To understand this (new) problem is to end it.

The end of it is the end of the problem making mechanism. Now any action in any direction is relaxed, creative.

 Instead of feeling the uneasiness any problem creates within us, we seek diversion by fanciful ideas like, it is all one’s fate, future will be alright, God will take care and so on or we seek relief by entertainment, intoxications to bypass the feeling of uneasiness. To become aware of the diversion is to stop it.

We see disorder outside. We can take action. Mind is enamoured as if by dealing with outside disorder, order within will be established-one will be happy. But within you there can be no disorder. Even if you perceive disturbance within, it is ‘you’- it is in the field accessible to you only. The disturbance within is in the format, which can not be acted upon. If you see this, supreme relaxation takes over.

Now you can take action in respect of the outer disorder.

You are essentially happy unless you are in immediate physical danger. One is just talking about unhappiness, trying to escape psychological uncomfortableness by ideas, explanations.

You can save yourself physically. But you can not save yourself psychologically. Clearly seeing this lets one drop the issue of happiness. One regains one’s supremacy.