The human body is a dynamic composite of different energy fields. What are they? How do they interrelate, and what directs them? What happens when we interact with others? How do we affect or influence life through them? The fact is that we lose, dissipate, enhance, disturb or alter our own energies and that of everything around us. Can we learn to manage our energy fields appropriately? How may we find and link directly with the master power that reformulates and directs them?

Finding answers to basic questions about human energy fields, or ‘bodies’, as we see them, begins with you in the present moment, in alignment with who and what you really are. Our approach teaches the management of energy, and reveals how conscious control entails mastery of the personality. We unfold essential knowledge about transformation, such as the transformation of ordinary human states like fear and anger into more creative and useful states of being that enhance both self and humanity.

Besides the physical anatomy, the human being possesses a very complex and subtle energetic anatomy that regulates the mind, emotions, and the psychic and spiritual faculties. This anatomy responds to the way attention and intention are handled; in other words, to the degree of consciousness (as conscious intelligence) that a person applies in the third dimension. The human energetic network is wholly programmable. If we understand this, we will be able to manifest our creations constructively, since the immediate world is a creation of our own making.

The state of mind of the alchemist must express harmonious control and management of the three lower energy fields or bodies: the physical, the mental, and the emotional bodies. Mastery involves above all the requalification of emotional energy; nothing is impossible when the individual understands and tempers the emotional body. Control of energy fields requires mental ecology or resourcefulness. This suggests disassociation first, and then requalification of the emotional energy that powers thoughts. In addition, all mastery implies care of and attention to the physical body, with focus on harmony throughout the whole organism. This harmony comes from the recognition that it is the consciousness of the inner self that commands energy into form.

Science, especially medical science, does not understand what makes a human being ‘tick’ physically, psychologically and spiritually, focusing solely on the physical body. As we see it, our body exerts a powerful influence over life forces everywhere on the planet, while also being subject to all sorts of emissions. This is because the planet is composed of the individual bodies that inhabit it, each with their own emotional and mental fields, as well as being an intelligence beyond the sum total of humanities’ mindset and emotional constitution. The planet is us and also our potential.

In order for the substance of our bodies, just like planetary matter, to hold together, there needs to be both a negative and positive polarity. The electromagnetic charge – the positive and negative poles – of subatomic particles holds atoms and molecules and therefore matter together. What we perceive as solid substance is overwhelmingly empty space. It is the charge, the push-and-pull of positive and negative, that creates the physical world. Duality rules matter. This duality, be it light or dark, positive or negative, determines the actions and reactions of humanity and our home, the planet.

At the level of higher consciousness there is no polarity. When our intelligence attains higher states of awareness, our energy fields are no longer subject to the tension and battle of the positive and negative polarities that rule instinct in the lower bodies.

The way to mastery of the personality, which precedes spiritual mastery, lies in understanding the dualities operating within every human being. The moment you try to force permanence in one polarity (one we might call ‘positive’), say joy, love, or harmony, without taking into consideration (i.e., ignoring) the other polarity, you create imbalance. Rather than repressing the opposite energy, the intelligent solution is to requalify it. For instance, rather than denying the experience of an emotion, it is integrated within your totality, dissipating its initial charge. The energy of anger, for example, may be transformed into creative initiative, persistence, or drive. The energy of fear may be transformed into heightened awareness of surroundings or finer sensibility. Instead of shutting out energy – of any sort – it is possible to alter its quality; this is ‘alchemy’ which in turn increases one’s tolerance level for higher voltages of energy in every way.

Your world is a reflection of your mastery or lack thereof. If you have problems and believe they are someone else’s fault, clearly something about you is attracting this experience. Mastery is not attained by thinking lofty thoughts or performing beautiful acts of charity alone. Mastery is reached through your own physical and mental expressions managed consciously, down to the tiniest detail.

Helplessness stems from believing that you matter alone. It also stems from the belief that you cannot transcend duality. The only way out of this dilemma is to step aside from the personality and identify with a greater state of Being instead.

Understanding your energetic makeup is the first step towards knowing who and what you are. Discovering that we are composed of Light, and not restricted by the polar dynamics of matter, helps us to gain awareness of our true nature. 

This is an excerpt taken with permission from the book Inner Alchemy: The Mastery Practice by Zulma Reyo. For more information visit