This system of exchange has always in been in place on the planet. It is another way to pay “Gratitude” for work or favors done. The only thing that has changed is the currency, people, and ways we exchange for either monetary or power/control over others. The reason it has changed is the addictive behaviors we have created to experience. Our behavior or emotional well-being it what drives us to addictive behaviors, to satiate a certain feeling produced, one that makes us feel good. This is all we want, to feel good all the time. The flow of reciprocity makes us feel good, high even, while the ebb creates the opposite. Then we turn to searching for the next thing to create a high for self.

The question is how can we value such an exchange when we are always looking to expect something in return or looking to have a high from the flow created? Reciprocity is considered almost sacred. How you may ask? When there is any form of exchange, there is an energy involved. For example, Love. Love is the most exchanged energy, we all have it, value it, and times reserved it for special people or significant others. Love is in all we do, whether we are aware of it or not. When you are in a relationship with an individual, you give your all, or some hold back to see the full deck if the person is really committed.

We invest in this exchange of love, hoping to meet our expectations. When the expectations are meet, we know there is more love to offer because the energy of love is limitless. However, if the expectations are not met, then we either stay in the energy we are in, or end the relationship. We end the exchange. Even though the exchange has ended, we seek to end a new way, person, or object to give love to. We redirect this energy someplace else to give us satisfaction. We create a place of getting high. We all would be rich if love was the currency of choice. When something is asked for it is almost expected to manifest immediately, especially if it involves another person.

Reciprocity is the thinking of one who is selfish or a survivalist. In either case, it is the preservation of self that is important. It is ok, to act in a selfish manner because we are in charge or taking care of self. Our job it to make sure we are taking care of so we can survive and evolve. Let’s be clear, being selfish is one thing it is self-care. When you notice your selfishness resulting in taking from another then that is greed. There is always plenty to go around. Dear ones, please know that reciprocity is based in the Law of Attraction. Whatever we give in exchange for something it is manifested in our vibration. The reciprocity system is set up for quick manifestation, almost instant exchanges. This of it this way, when you work a job for someone, you expect to get paid for the work completed. This was the agreement. Or when someone pays you a compliment, Do you simply say “Thank you” or do you shrug off the words and add your or own commentary.

How we respond to the energy also plays a role in how things and stuff show up in our life. When something shows up in our life, do we pause to appreciate it or do shrug it off because it’s is know exactly what we want? Do we shrug it off because this is a fact we already know about self or something we don’t want to hear? Think about why we turn something away. Then dear one if’s it not want we want, then rethink, be more specific in what you want. Know that you are the Creator of this experience.

The reciprocity, the system of exchange only works when you allow for the honesty of you as you are to be seen. You have to see yourself as Spirit sees you. To be vulnerable in a place of creation allows for an even better creation to manifest. Why? Our vulnerability allows us to create, to be in the flow of creation and when the Universe sees that, it allows for greater possibilities. The exchange here dear ones is that we create with our energy, then the Universe sees that and responds with a greater manifestation. All the energy that manifests is tied into our creations, our own thoughts, and our own feelings. This is where it begins. We are the creators of the reciprocity, this exchange was set up to almost instantly manifest desires expressed with great want. We then creation relationships with other energy to bring about the expectancy.

We call it connecting, networking, or wheeling and dealing. We each contribute to this larger system of exchange. We contribute to each other by analyzing, and even negotiating with the energy presented to see what is of value, and would this be a fair or equal exchange. This is seen throughout all aspects of the human experience, this can be seen in business, marriage, most relationships, and even with children. We evaluate the levels of life to understand the value of self and others.

The system of exchange is a match of self, we cannot enter in the relationship of exchange if we feel we have no value. The system is a reflection of self. Like the Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like. When we create from our thoughts and emotions, we create from what we know. Can we bring forth what we want even though we are not in alignment with it? We can bring anything into existence, to do this we expand our experience and knowledge of what we want. The reciprocity, the system of exchange is more than the exchange of money and favors.

It is the system rooted in the Law of Attraction, where energy is exchanged. Energy is all things, thoughts, ideas, money, feelings, and all included seen and unseen. To reap the benefits of this exchange, we all flow to feeling good, which is desired by all. We have more to exchange than we think. When we tap into how we feel, we become richer in the life created. The richness is knowing we genuinely give of self, confidently knowing there is more to give. We give and receive from either a place of love or fear. You get to choose what you what and expect only good or bad.

The choice it up to you dear one. Today have an appreciation for understanding the natural system of exchange. Today have an appreciation for knowing our thoughts and feeling manifest our desires. Today have an appreciation to know we have the ability to choose our experience, know matter what.