Spiritual understanding means different things to different people. Some view it as a concept, something that exists in their minds and may even guide them through principles, but with no further reality. Some view it as non-existent, something that is at best a for of art and culture. However, some such as me view it as something real and tangible.

The Purpose of Spirituality

I believe the spirituality is a real and powerful thing, that affects all of us in our daily lives. Through manifestation, we can turn our dreams in reality and improve our lives in meaningful ways. Sometimes, we can use talismans that channel our spirituality in more concentrated ways, these talismans can be crystals, jewellery and other items. Religion is another way we can gain touch with our spiritual self and many people choose to focus on a deity to reach spiritual enlightenment, nirvana or heaven


Manifestation is a method where we can will things into reality. Now it doesn’t mean Hollywood magic or sleight of hand. It refers to focusing on long term achievements like becoming happy of finding love. While it may seem crazy to some, the ideas of manifestation have been used by many prominent figures like former Olympian Michael Phelps.

Everything around us is made from energy. The universe, our bodies and everything else we can comprehend. But not all energy is made equal. All forms of energy operate at a particular vibration. Positive things like happiness and love operate at a high vibration level. So in order to manifest happiness, we need to raise our vibration levels to achieve the right synergy between ourselves and the happiness we want to manifest.


Talismans are the physical items which we use to channel spiritual manifestation. Similar to manifesting, in this case we use an item to bring things into reality.

Healing crystals are an important one, as they contain incredible latent power that affects different parts of our selves. My favorite crystal is sodalite, a stone that supports our ability to communicate freely and help us think clearly.

Talismans have found themselves in many cultures and religions and include things like Crucifixes, All seeing Eyes and amulets made from natural materials (like a rabbit’s foot for luck).


Regardless of how you view spirituality, it’s important to remember that there is no wrong way, it’s a personal experience and one that should always be held close. Spirituality can be understood in many ways, but regardless of method, it’s important to remember that it can have profound effects on our lives if we let it.