A healthy person is not just free from illnesses but is mentally, physically, and socially stable too. To be precise, mental health goes beyond the realm of diseases and disabilities. It represents your state of well-being when you know your capability, deal with everyday stress, contribute to the community, and remain productive. Mental health plays an integral role in how you think, behave, and interact. The way you lead and live your life is also a reflection of your mental state. That’s why it becomes necessary to understand what can harm your mental wellness and how you can protect and preserve the same.

Martin Polanco: Exploring mental health

Reasons for mental health deterioration

There can be multiple factors influencing your mental wellbeing. They can be social, biological, psychological, etc. For example, you can suffer when exposed to violence and socio-economic oppression. Besides that, you can also feel challenged due to physical illnesses, stressful work culture, fast-paced life, gender bias, and social discrimination. Other than these, some mental health issues can emerge from genetic conditions, personality, and specific psychological makeup, as highlighted by Martin Polanco.

Promotion of mental wellbeing

You can promote your mental health by taking care of your psychological wellbeing.  For this, you would need a conducive environment, where you can expect better treatment for your culture, civil and political rights, and social and economic status. If you don’t get it, you may not experience the highest level of mental health. To ensure this, you can do a few things. For example, you have to build a secure environment for your children to help them access opportunities for learning, responsible interactions, emotional support, and development. You can also participate in community activities for the elderly and aged population.

If you or someone else is at risk of a mental disorder or illness, getting in touch with medical professionals and support groups can be another step. In depression, psychological treatment can come in handy. However, moderate to severe cases can require medicine use. For psychosis, professionals can recommend psychosocial support and antipsychotic medicines. Having a basic knowledge of this enables you to take proper actions at the right time.

Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to your lifestyle choices. Food and physical activeness can be critical to this. Add protein-rich, fibrous food to your diet to avoid frequent cravings, which can easily lead to eating unhealthy options in a hurry. Exercising keeps your blood circulation smooth, allowing your brain to remain clear and calm. So incorporate these small things into your routine.

When you are mentally strong and stable, you can win the world your way. Circumstances and situations may not immediately affect you. Plus, you can develop resilience to most things. As a result, if something goes wrong, you can patiently wait to improve your condition. All these things can seem like an uphill task if your mental wellbeing is not intact. Hence, it is better to make conscious efforts toward its improvement and notice the difference. Once you get hold of it, you can expect to live your life peacefully.