Notwithstanding being a generally young nation, a rich crease of arts and cultural heritage lies just beneath the UAE’s 21st-century belt. In 2011, the nation made the Unesco World Heritage hall of fame, with the garden city of Al Ain, professed for four destinations of “outstanding universal value,” including the Hafit Bronze Age tome, six oases, the Hili archeological settlements and the ancient site of Bidaa Bint Saud. 

Engraving onto the rundown as a social and cultural site that shows impact or essentialness in a worldwide setting is a lengthy procedure for UAE. Yet, the current position is commendable. Elsewhere in the UAE, several other sites are on the official tentative list, including Sharjah, Al Bidya Mosque in Fujairah, Sir Bu Nair Island, and the Umm an-Nar Island settlement.

Heritage sites are critical to the UAE’s identity and population, presenting a fascinating story for travelers and the economy when effectively applied with regards to nation-building. This is positively perceived by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority. Yet, there is an immense need to make people of UAE aware of what does safeguarding the cultural heritage indeed refers to and what it includes. 

In any case, there is a whole other world to safeguarding the heritage than structures and objects. The protection of arts and cultural heritage and also necessitates the safeguarding of social procedures, traditions, norms, and social memories. It also involves safeguarding the literature depicting the culture along with protecting the poets and artisans who strive to preserve the culture. 

The UAE has been molded by its natural environment, and individuals frequently think about the nation as a split between its desert-abiding and coastal groups. Being home to different groups, UAE is distinct in its cultural aspect. There is a need to not just focus on the cultural sites and artistic elements of the country but also to look beyond it. 

The authorities must strive to safeguard the association between the Liwa desert community, where individuals worked in the late spring months, and Dalma Island, where population uses to visit for fishing and pearling in the colder season. By investigating the association, we can learn about the cultural norms and traditions of the UAE and make others know about it by arranging cultural shows. Additionally, the explorations could help to pass on the cultural teaching to the generations to come, connecting them in cultural roots.

On the off chance that you take a gander at this history of UAE, there are such a large number of things that can never again be represented genuinely. In any case, from the intangible heritage point of view, the authorities and organizations can utilize performing arts, storytelling, and other art forms to narrate the tales of UAE’s enriched culture and traditions.

People in the UAE understand that their national heritage, which has been coming to fruition over centuries, is an essential piece of their character and identity. The population of UAE likewise understand that safeguarding their own heritage helps enrich the community by developing a sense of belonging. This reflects that the true meaning of preserving cultural heritage is beyond promoting the arts and culture.

Abu Dhabi Arts Society is Making a Difference

Understanding the vast requirement for the reliable platform to defend the overall cultural heritage and the artisans of UAE, the Abu Dhabi Arts Society was set up in 2019 by Dr. Hamed Al Suwaidi. The platform was intended to protect the past Emirati artisans and craftsmen, from all nationalities an administering and sponsoring social endeavors to promote Emirati Culture & Arts.

 ADAS is centered around improving the community’s cultural and social condition by supporting artists and poets who eliminate cultural differences bringing people and communities closer. It is no off-base to claim that Abu Dhabi Arts Society is advancing Arts and Culture Beyond Border. 

ADAS intends to highlight the supremacy of Emirati culture through specific activities and exciting projects. It further advances non-Emirati and Emirati artists and poets who are in quest of a credible platform to pursue their love for arts and culture. Significantly, the Abu Dhabi Arts Society brings together artists and admirers together to praise the splendor of art.