There’s something churning around inside of you. You feel it sometimes as a knot in your stomach or a burning in your chest. Your head is so full of thoughts and ideas, they become foggy. And you become foggy. And paralysed. What is that about? What are you running from, hiding from or refusing to see? Who else but you can answer these questions?

“Embracing your creativity is expressing truth. Finding your truth is finding your inner voice – your inner strength.  Today’s world, that we are all a part of, traps us in such pretense that we present ourselves to others as they would like us to be. The result is that we live the lie: we become normalised and we join the non-creative masses – bored, sick, insecure and lacking a sense of direction.

“We run from the truth for the reason that truth is uncomfortable and often very painful.

I am sure that if you examine your own life, you will observe that your most creative periods were when you allowed your truth to express itself – when you had a deep sense of your personal freedom.” – Theodore Ferguson, My Search for Understanding: Purpose, Creativity and the Human Potential

The search for your truth, for the voice that is forever whispering in your soul, is often obscured by the same person seeking it. You. Up to this point, everything you’ve learnt and experienced has been diligently working at burying that voice. In junior school, you were made to sit still and listen when all you wanted to do was run around playing and screaming. In high school you were made to study subjects that you believed were useless or you were kept so busy with extra-curricular activities you barely had time to think. At university you pursued a degree you were not quite sure you wanted and now you spend five days a week at what maybe the last place on earth you’d like to be.

Notwithstanding the above though, you’ve done pretty well. You make good money; have a nice house; a beautiful family and you’re well respected. So why, the knot in your stomach; the burning in your chest and the foggy mind?

In today’s world, we say that this is stress. And according to the American Centre for Disease Control, it causes the death of 110 million people every year. That’s 7 people every 2 seconds. Sobering isn’t it?

At the very core of your being, is your voice, your compass, your guide on this journey through Life. Oddly enough, finding it , listening to it, is not usually your priority. It won’t stop nudging you though. The seemingly unanswerable questions will keep plaguing youy. It will keep sending you signals. Why? Because it wants you to be free. Because it wants you to be the person you really want to be. Because it wants you to be the person you were meant to be. Because it is YOU.

The language of self is not usually included in any curriculum, therefore the understanding of self is not typically the outcome of our education. It is the simplest of languages and for many the most difficult to learn. It is critical to your Life, your Creativity and your Personal Freedom. It is Silence.


  • Lorraine Villaroel


    I'm Lorraine Villaroel, Facilitator and student of life.  Twenty five plus years of journaling and countless hours of solitude and silence, brought me to a place of deep awareness of my ignorance and my immense capacity for self-delusion.  In this place of darkness, however, I also discovered the deep, all embracing Presence of God and a quiet whisper that I learned to recognise as my Inner Voice. And my calling soon became clear, Live in the Spirit, Follow the Spirit and Share the Revelation.  This I do, in the hope that your life's journey may be easier and you too may uncover your voice and awaken the Power that is within you.