Unexpected Opportunities

Trust is one of the most useful qualities to exercise when you are hoping to find your dream job.

If you have discovered something you think will bring you joy and fulfillment as a career, have a career planning session with yourself…

• Outline the steps you need to take to get you going in the direction of your dream job.
• Get excited about it!
• Take action, even if it is one small step.

When you step on the path of your life purpose, you step into a field of endless possibilities. New possibilities and opportunities will actually appear out of nowhere! It’s because you are living in a way that lights you up.

The universe wants you to live a life of purpose and satisfaction. When you make up your mind to do that, you will receive help from the universe.

So, if you have decided to live in your truth without compromising your values, keep your attention turned toward opportunities that support your path.

Watch for doors to magically open.

And, be aware that sometimes these openings are quite subtle. You may barely notice the opportunity in front of you. An opportunity may come in the form of a synchronicity. It may be disguised as a challenge or difficulty. It may seem like something insignificant.

This is where trust comes into play.

When you trust the universe to assist you along the path, you are more likely to take the step that is in front of you.

If the door isn’t wide open, but you see a crack, step forward, put your hand on the knob, and walk through the door!

This is how you tell the universe you are serious. You see the opportunity before you. You trust the universe. You take the step. And then you repeat the process.

Life can become so magical when we trust that the universe is on our side!

If you would like some more insight into how to find or create your dream job in partnership with the cosmos, take a moment to peruse my website. You will find lots of encouragement, as well as some practical tools for making it happen.

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