Do you know what your success looks like? Are you willing to take the steps to get there and walk the talk? Like most people, you deserve to be successful but you may not have an effective system to rely on. You need a plan, methods to use every day and a support system that keeps you energized and inspired.

Why are results not showing up?

If you are not getting the results you want, you are missing a success plan and a good compass. Success is achieved by design and effort not by chance. So, it is important for go-getters like you to be equipped with an environment geared towards their success.

5 Steps to Creating Results Right Now

Now, let us learn 5 powerful steps to create results in a hurry in your life. This will begin to use specific and tested success methods that will support you every day. It may rock your boat a bit but you will begin to trust that you are going somewhere. Anyhow, you can handle it, can’t you?


It is important to detect that there are many excuses to explain not making progress. The problem is not making excuses; it is convincing yourself that it is OK with you.  It is not OK to let your dreams go. You must try, persevere and learn from setbacks; you deserve being there every day. Self-honesty is about making the difference between having a wish and working on getting there. Just like any skill, it needs to be learned and practiced.

There is no need for judgment or criticism here, all you need is to do is to practice always telling yourself the truth. For example, here are “self-honest” statements:

–       I am dreaming about it but I am not really willing to take it on

–       I know I could do better but I don’t know how to

–       I feel too old (or too busy, too whatever) and I use that to justify not making progress.

Catch yourself being honest with yourself. It gives you strength and courage. What areas in your life need truth? Tell yourself the truth about it and write it down.


“I will make $XXXX or YYYY euros this year” is not a plan, it is a goal. It is not enough to do that. You also need to list what you will make month-by-month, week-by-week and to establish how you will stay on track. You need to know for sure when you get off track so you can get right back on it. If you miss your weekly goals, the monthly plan will not happen so also being “self-honest” is essential.

This is actually how you can bring success to any venture: by setting inspiring but realistic goals and tracking down your progress day by day, week by week. When you get off track, correct immediately.


I highly recommend to my clients that they develop a daily to-do-list. They should update it 1st thing in the morning every day, except when it is a day off. Items need to be concise, specific, prioritized and realistic. For instance, “make 5 phone calls to potential clients by noon” or “Clean up my files and spend 2-hours max doing that” are good examples.

Stay focused on one single task until it is complete. Observe when and how you get off track: people interrupting, TV, food, feeling tired or bored, etc. Also, notice how and when you get back to the interrupted task. Write down whatever comes up: ideas, insights, observations or more things to do later.

Make the list short so that you complete it and experience success every day. Do whatever it takes to complete your list. No excuses. This is how commitment is reinforced. You are walking the talk. As you develop your capacity and discipline, challenge yourself with more items on the list. This will increase your self-trust and your ability to do what you said you are going to do.


You need to know how you are doing from a source that is not you. The evaluation provides you with an unbiased, accurate and un-arguable viewpoint. This develops your compass and helps to avoid getting lost in the ocean of all the possible reasons to not make progress.

Here are examples of how to develop a good compass:

– Find a clear way to evaluate your goals. For instance, if your goal is to take better care of your health, making 3 walks this week is a measurable event. 

– Use numbers as guides, they don’t lie. Did you make your 5 phone calls or not? If you made less than 5, you missed the goal.

– Ask to get honest feedback from trusted friends or colleagues. Notice anything that is consistently repeated.

When, you miss a goal, no need to beat yourself up for it. It is an opportunity to learn what happened and use that knowledge for the next time. This is how your courage and tenacity is reinforced.


The higher your goals, the more you can get derailed by harsh criticism, setbacks, and unplanned events. It is crucial to surround yourself with practices and people that nourish and protect you. List:

–   What people around you can help you stay positive and motivated?

–   What regular practices can nourish your body and soul?

–   How will you reward yourself? Go crazy here, you deserve fun and joy for your efforts.


– Help someone with nothing in exchange. Life will reward you immensely

– Meditate, pray and/or spend quiet time alone every day

– Regularly attend personal growth workshops and keep learning about yourself.

I have personally used these techniques for years for my personal goals and to help a startup get listed successfully on NASDAQ. Whatever the objectives are, the techniques are the same, very powerful. Hiring a dedicated coach is one key step that most successful people take. It provides them with a trusted and effective support they need.  Take that step, reach for the sky and make the world a better place!