“Everything is going to be alright” they say or “You’re strong,” they say are these truths or lies? Right now so many grievers are not feeling strong and they are not feeling like everything will be alright.

Covid-19 hit and we became isolated. Do you know that going to work is one of our coping mechanisms and now that has been taken away! Can you believe many people had to sit, listen, and feel. One of the most uncomfortable things to do. Just you and your walls. Whew!

In those moments grief hits them like an Earthquake. This is when you have to dig deep within and find an outlet. Running, drawing, walking, or creating are a few things you can do.

Look, nothing about this journey is easy. Nothing about this journey is comfortable. However there is something about being grief tired, releasing, and releasing.

What does it mean to be grief tired? Feeling fatigued, immobilized, and exhausted. Now what?


  1. Acknowledging it. Truth is when you acknowledge that your grief tired. You have given yourself permission to release.
  2. Express yourself. This is so important I could shout from the rooftop. No more holding your feelings in. Release them!
  3. Give yourself some grace. You deserve peace and time. By giving yourself the room to roam freely with your thoughts is exactly what your journey needs.

The strategies above will jump-start you into your healing. Healing has so many different aspects that even during our tiredness we shield away from what we can do to decrease our grief tiredness.


  • Andrea A. Moore

    Certified Bereavement Facilitator, Grief Advocate, Intuitive Grief Coach, Speaker, and Author

    From Grief to Grind

    Andrea, a international author who faced grief head in June of 2010.  During that time she also had a childcare business which she lost shortly after she met grief face to face.  Loss after Loss Andrea felt numb.  In 2010 she lost her only sister to Breast Cancer.  In the midst of this Andrea started to wear many hats.  From a Business Consultant to volunteering to joining a social club.  Which she has been collaborating for 15 years and have watched the women flourish.  As we know at some point in our life we will met grief face to face. Andrea has had her share of rejection, mindset blocks, creative blocks, marriage on the rocks, relationships with family members etc due to losing a loved one.