Digitization has stepped into every nook and corner of the society. Right from providing direct access to worldwide content to helping people manage their house, a lot has changed over the last decade. While this may have made living more easy and connected us with the world, what’s interesting to note is the impact it had on our personal space: with friends and family.

Why is there still a distance among the people who are close, despite being connected to each other on almost every social media platform?

What is it that has changed… over-spending time or lack of quality time….

Growing up my parents always insisted on having one meal of the day together. Mornings were usually spent trying to catch up with our busy schedules, we rushed to catch our school van, while our father went about his routine, preparing for his day at office. Mom would always make sure each of us stayed on time. She balanced each of us and our home so well. Night was perhaps the only time when all of us were at home.

We spent almost an hour at the dinner table, discussing every boring and exciting that happened with us over the day. I remember as a child looking forward to dinner, as that meant sharing the good, bad and ugly aspects of our living. And, some days revisiting the tales of grandparents and forefathers. All happy, stomach-hurts-from-laughing moments to crazy fights, all happened over our esteemed dinner table. Not only did we all bond, on a much deeper level, we were aware of ours as well as family’s vulnerabilities. That’s something that sparked the connection between all of us.

At 25 years of age, when I am all set to step into a new chapter of life what is the best memory I have of my family?

The hours we four individuals spent as one family unit, sharing our own vulnerabilities under the sun.

We may have drifted away due to work or
otherwise, but those dinner table
were with me wherever I went. I missed it the most when I was away
from home. It is this treasured memory of my parents and brother that I carry
with myself wherever I go, and hope to pass on to my children, and their