It is safe to say that the United Kingdom and those who reside there aren’t known to be lavish with their praise, rather reserved by nature. Obviously this isn’t true of everyone, nor does it mean that they are a boring lot. Quite the contrary, actually; which is one of the reasons, we American’s love them…well that and the royalty we associate with them.

This being the case coupled with the fact that “Be Careful What You Wish For” includes interesting ties to the U.K. within the story (very interesting), I was thrilled to read the words of Tracy Ellis, aka Honestmamreader. A resident of Wales and mom, I anticipated Tracy’s review to be more quiet in nature and cautious in its delivery. Boy, was I wrong. It was nothing of the sort.

Tracy arrived to her review from a completely different angle, one I absolutely love. In it, what she uncovers is an aspect of the story that has yet to be addressed, noted in the final line of her hardy words. I urge you to take that line in fully and let it rest in your head for a bit. Isn’t it something we all need to better ourselves at today — becoming less rigid and more open to other’s beliefs?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this book is more than just a love story. It is a “life” story with plenty of wisdom and insights to go with, all of which can be adapted to much of what we are living today. It will speak to you if you give it the chance. In the meantime, I will let Tracy do so through her review below:


Evie wished for an uncommon love. What she got was otherworldly…and a man named Rick Remington. He’d open her eyes to much more than a life of wealth and privilege. He’d help her see a bond that crossed all boundaries when facing the unimaginable. Then find herself again as she answered the very statement that set their time together in motion.

My Thoughts:

Evie tells her story of her life with Rick. From the moment they met all the way through to having their four wonderful children. However, tragedy strikes the family when Rick gets cancer. We follow this couple as they come to terms with what their life now will entail, and the struggles that they must deal with.

Anyone who has dealt with cancer either first-hand or seen someone suffer will know that it is a tough and emotional time to go through. Laura J Wellington writes a truly emotional story that will tug at your heart strings.

Rick loses his fight with cancer, and now the story focuses on Evie and how she will move on with her life. She finds it tough going, and it does highlight how cancer affects not only the sufferer but also their family and friends.

The story then takes a turn where a friend of Evie tells her to get in touch with a medium. I am very skeptical about this sort of thing and the whole speaking to the dead. However, I also do believe that whatever makes you happy then go ahead and believe.

Be Careful What You Wish For is an emotional read it will also open up your mind to other beliefs.”