Venus and love have a way about them, don’t they? Does it shock you in knowing how the Universe has a sense of humor? Does it perplex in learning that the Universe desires, love? It shouldn’t. Then again, such a love is prone to awaken one into a higher element of one’s own desires with love.

Songs which come to illuminate the wonders of Venus are magical stars ? to be treasured. They have a way of demonstrating the true meaning of, love’s Universal. Let the Universal love, begin.

Language has its place in the Universe. It’s that love language, in fact. The different expressions of language, through time has a way of coloring the stars, and the galaxies, holding it. If you could, and were given the opportunity, would you fly to the Universe to gain a taste of that direct nurture of love. If you could, would you go?

Instrumentation and notation, which gives their own interpretation for how Venus’ love would sound are varied. Nevertheless, our imagination continues to be piqued. Such is the thrilling excitement of love. It always has a way of re-expressing and re-shaping itself to suit the needs of human desire. So, re-shape. Re-design. Let’s re-imagine Venus‘ through loving, Universal stories! ❤?? “Venus Bespied!”

Maria Everdina Reijs