Yesterday, on a long car journey, driving into grey skies and filled with a mix of bleak January feel and a new warmth of excitement for the year ahead, I started voicing my thoughts out loud, a stream of consciousness, making sense of the blur.

Saying something out loud, writing it down or discussing it can bring a sort of definition to our thoughts, our ideas and desires. It can consolidate them with a sense of purpose and precision. It can make us realise what we really want or don’t want. And once we’ve defined that, we can send it off into the universe, let it fly, to either do its thing and be manifested; or, if it’s not meant for us, then send it off and let it go.

I love that word ‘manifestation’, I love the idea of manifesting what you really want, but it can also set you up for disappointment if it doesn’t come to fruition or manifests in a different form much later, by which time the urgent desire might have fizzled away.

So, what I realised whilst my thoughts trickled into words yesterday, was that manifesting, for me, is defining it but setting it free, to either manifest itself or to let it disperse and transform. Because if what we are trying to manifest is not really meant for us (for it is possible that what we really want isn’t what is right for us in this moment right now) then pinning our hopes on that desire alone may become obsessively destructive. That said, putting it out there gives it the room to manifest, to join forces with the make-it-happen atoms in the universe so that everything can be set in motion and, as Paulo Coehlo said, ‘all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

Whichever it is, to be or not to be, say it, write it, give it definition, desire it, want it and imagine it…. then let it go, rather like setting a bird free, and imagine the atoms all conspiring to make the desire transform into reality, to make your vision come to life, but also set it free with the faith that you’ve put your desire into the ether – what will then happen will be what is right for you.