Unlease the power within with guided mediation josy spooner rolls

Unleash the power within with guided meditation to experience travel destinations beyond your wildest dreams.

Uncertainty is exhausting. Living in limbo. Stepping tentatively forward ever hopeful that your plans will be realised but wearing a protective jacket of resigned indifference, just in case lockdowns squash your dreams back down yet again.

Whilst some of us have been spending lockdown watching endless series on Netflix or juggling the stresses of our business with childcare, the inquisitive minded have been going inwards. If you can’t go out and all that. For an avid traveller such as myself I can safely say I have been to more exciting places this year than I ever have in all my 40 years. 

You see I have discovered the key to happiness, fulfilment and purpose. All this time I have been looking for someone else to give me the answer. For something to make me feel complete. The beauty of it is that not only is it 100% free, you can do it all from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. 

Most of us have heard of the benefits of meditation. Many of us have tried, half-heartedly to clear our monkey mind and after an uncomfortable 10 minutes of listening to our own thoughts give up and get back to the lovely convenient distractions that we fill our lives with. 

I get it. Because to take a look at ourselves is hard, and to clear your mind is really hard. It takes practice and personally the focusing on the nothingness or the breath doesn’t work for me at all. Plus it’s so limiting. Meditation for me is a journey, an adventure. A way to meet guides, to shed old conditioning, to receive messages and to visit other dimensions. 

One you grasp the concept of our quantum universe, that everything is possible and everywhere is accessible you can step into the adventure of a lifetime. Think virtual reality but with all your senses. Bring your surroundings to life and create exactly what you want. For want of a better word it’s AWESOME not to mention life changing.

The practice I am talking about of course is guided meditation.

Having started with meeting my higher self on YouTube I quickly became hooked on the process and started working with a fascinating range of practitioners. All offering their own style of journey, usually with some goal in mind. My favourite so far and undoubtedly the most powerful has been Shamanic journeying. 

Some of the personal experiences I have had from journeying:

  • Connection with my higher self
  • Understood where I come from.
  • Understood my reason for being here. 
  • Feel 100% comfort that this is not all that there is. 
  • Flying on a dragon with my deceased father 
  • Felt true relaxation
  • Felt true elation
  • Have visited other planets and times.
  • Have created a beautiful inner garden which I visit regularly.

For a beginner journey try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg3CJ7Zb55o&t=1074s

Try a shamanic journey to meet your future self for free: www.threadsofhealing.co.uk

Wish you were somewhere other than your house right now? So give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Written by Josy Spooner Rolls:  Transformational life and business coach.