Want to seriously amp up your natural manifesting abilities? Well you’ll want to fuel your body with a few key nutrients that will absolutely amplify your power to visualize, anticipate and embody what you are calling in.

Here’s what you need to know:

Manifesting requires a bit of imagination, self-efficacy, faith, love, concentration, and relaxation. All of these can be enhanced through your own internal pharmacy. Yeah, your body can generate a perfect cocktail of chemicals that will make -or- essentially break your visualization process.

So what’s the ideal cocktail? Basically it’s serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline. Right now I want to simply highlight foods that support the flow of these chemicals. We’re taking nutrition today. In another training I will go to town on types of physical exercise, mindset practices and spiritual training all to better support your super natural human power of manifestation.

Quick and simple explanation:

Dopamine = your body’s achievement hormone. When visualizing your big picture vision you want some dopamine surging to link up with the feeling of DONE. It’s accomplished. I feel rewarded and good!

Serotonin = your body’s pride hormone. Manifesting what you want means feeling good about the direction you are moving in. Serotonin helps you choose that path. (Side note – we have more of this chemical in our digestive organs then our brain…that is why we say, “I feel it in my gut”. Because we literally DO!)

Endorphins = your body’s natural Tylenol. This personal fave of mine is why you can do that last burpee or finish the assignment. When you visualize your dreams you have to stretch your capacity to receive them. Stretching can feel a little uncomfortable and even painful. In that pain lies more human magic. Endorphins buffer a bit of that pain so that we can grow stronger.

Oxytocin = your body’s natural security blanket. Manifesting your dreams means you are literally asking your brain to believe in something despite the lack of physical evidence to support it. As you visualize your dream in fine detail, calling in the feelings you want NOW as part of bringing that vision to reality you’ll need some support in feeling safe…that the unknown is now known.

Adrenaline = your body’s cheerleader hormone. This is the aligned push you are going to need to take action now.

OK – so let’s get to the nutrients & foods!!!

Biotin = supports energy metabolism and you’ll need it. Your brain is going to guzzle a shit ton of fuel during your manifestation exercises.

Where to get it? Eggs, cheese, mushrooms, almonds

Antioxidants = helps naturally boost the stimulation of endorphins and serotonin.

Where to get it? Dark chocolate, spicy foods like poblano peppers and chiles, vanilla bean, ginseng

Vitamin C = optimizes your ability to produce and release oxytocin to anchor you in comfort.

Where to get it? citrus fruits, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower

Magnesium = helps support a healthy balance of adrenaline production.

Where to get it? Pumpkin seeds, cashews, spinach, coconut

Get your biology primed for your best life!!! We play from the inside out.