This article is for all those decision-makers out there- ALL OF US.

In the race of struggling for success and being competitive, we get lost in the world, losing our own identity- the unique thought pattern with which we are born. In simple terms, we act as an identical factory product, underestimating our subconscious mind and potential possess within us.

After gaining in-depth understanding of the functioning of our brain and hundreds of unique ways we can use it for, what drove me to this topic is:

20% of our brain carries all our decision-making judgments that are processed by our prefrontal cortex which does all the analysis for us. The rest 80% of our minds fascinatingly work as a default network. This is where subconsciousness comes into the picture. The hard truth is that we chase the materialistic things of this world, from clothes to money to maintain lavish lifestyles. But we ignore the very basic yet very powerful which is our ‘Inner Consciousness’ i.e. intuition and instinct. These evolve gradually as and when we go forward on a continuous stretch of decision-making.

Intuition is largely focused on Thrival-The Post Survival Position when you are no longer concerned with mere survival but you desire a step further which may result in a greater element than survival. It comes only at a moment of peace, where you don’t get anxious or restless but is calm and at ease. As per the psychiatric world, it originates from the higher chakra (known as Ajna & Brahmarandra chakras). Thus, you think analogically and rationally as your consciousness is high at that point. Every time you make a decision calmly (being satisfied with your approach), you are preparing your default network subconsciously to work towards it. Thus, even without your analytical brain being aware, you try discovering a path and course of action that would benefit you. 

Instinct, on the other hand, caters to our Survival Instinct. Whenever you get an inexplicable sensation of something going to be wrong or not in place, it means your instinct in the subconscious mind is making you aware of the danger, putting your survival instinct at work. Instinct comes from the lower part of your subconsciousness or body (i.e. Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Vishuddhi). Thus, when you are distressed, fearful or nervous, your body senses danger and your instinct is activated, in a process to keep you alive.

By default, it is never the ‘decision’ that matters but the path which you are choosing to follow. It is an absolute verse that there is no indicative parameter to judge right or wrong actions, it all depends on your choice. In this complex world, we forget to see the simple life format i.e. “YOU” and fill ourselves with enormous stress, envy, the fear of failure. 

Back to science of understanding our brain, there is a ‘Spotlight effect’ where our brain magnifies the risks and pulls us away from something that is perceived as a danger or problem thereby activating our instinct. Quoting Joe Dispenza, “most people spent 70% of their life living in survival and stress. They are always anticipating the worst-case scenario based on past experience and they tend to choose the worst option out of the quantum field.”

Let’s pledge to stop living in fear of failure, judgment and comparison. Your life and brain have their own wavelength that is working constantly with the perfect blend. Be calm and allow your subconscious intuition to play its part. Your entire past experiences, future aspirations and the surrounding atmosphere are clubbed together in the subconscious mind, paving its way to your ultimate purpose. Fix your goal and walk ahead. If it’s the right one, you will soon reach your goal but it’s a rare phenomenon. Most of our decision is not a stone-free straight path, but it is a meandering one. So be focused on whatever path you choose. Stick to it with conviction until you see no sign of success even with repetitive inputs. While doing so, subconsciously you would have already chosen an alternative path towards your goal. Thus, whether it is a right or not-so-right path, sticking towards your urge will award you with your ‘Ultimate purpose.’

Reviewing the essence of Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill Maxim i.e. ‘ a weak plan executed with the definite set of purpose can triumph the strong plan executed with the indefinite set of purpose’. It expresses the point that success and path to success is simply your conviction of WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing. The remaining questions of HOW and WHEN will show up on its own!