It’s no secret unless you’ve been living under a rock that we’re experiencing unprecedented times in our history as many countries institute rules to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Kids are coming out the big winners with an extended Spring Break (March Break) and this has got parents scrambling with what to do especially for parents that can work from home.

Here are 9 things to do at home when you are quarantined it’s not all doom and gloom.

Spring Cleaning

This is the perfect time to get started on that spring cleaning you had planned to push back anyways. Put a project plan in place for this activity. Identify and label the items you want to get rid off. Yes, this is the time to declutter; you never know you can even make some cool cash for items you can sell online or at a garage sale once it becomes safe to do so.


This is a great time to plan and possibly re-design the layout of your garden. Depending on what part of the hemisphere you are, it may be warm enough to start gardening.


Make it fun for yourself and kids and maybe take it up a notch and try the Marie Kondo method and be rewarded with an amazing place you’ll be proud to show off once it becomes safe to start entertaining. Also, time to get the clothes closet and kitchen pantry organized. Throw away expired food items. Get rid of clothes and shoes you’ll not wear again or perhaps never wore.

Pick up a hobby

It’s never too late or too early to pick up a new habit. It could be as simple as learning to knit, cross stitch or sew or as complex as learning computer coding. You never know this new habit might be the precursor for a great money making side hustle.

Family bonding

This is an opportunity to spend quality time and nurture family ties with one another. A time to implement new rules and habits. A great time to set ground rules for device usage. Spend time creating a family plan that all can agree on. Read books. Enjoy board games together. Try new recipes together. Also, call up friends and family members you’ve been meaning to call, but didn’t quite have time to. Check on older relatives and neighbors as they are the most vulnerable.


Have you always wanted to redo the rooms in your house or your closets? Now is the time to get started.  It could be as simple as moving the beds and furniture around the house or finally getting to the pieces you bought two years ago that you still hadn’t had time to bring up from the basement.

Start Writing a New Book

Finally you have time to write that book you’ve always wanted to. Writing the outline of your book is a great start you may even be able to have the outline completed.

Online Course

You can also use this opportunity to take an online course. Brush up on your existing skills.  There are many online resources to help you accomplish this. Some examples can be found on Udemy; Lynda or on YouTube.

Learn Something New

Psychologists tell us it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so you have time to start something new that could actually stick. Not an exhaustive list, but a great start:

  • Learn a Foreign Language
  • Pick up an exercise routine
  • Stick to a new diet that excludes processed foods
  • Learn to dance (maybe you can finally get your Tik Tok account who knows you may go viral )

We are truly in unprecedented times, so the important thing is to be and stay positive and as much as possible stay away from social media and continuous news programming.

Talk to your children about any anxiety or concerns they may be feeling. Do listen to them and let them know it is okay to speak out. Don’t dismiss their concerns. Children need to know they are being heard and have a safe place. This is fast changing and reinforcing hygiene protocol is the best we can all do to avoid continued spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


  • Lola Salvador Akinwunmi

    Leadership & Reinvention Strategist

    LolaSal Inc.

    Lola Salvador Akinwunmi is a Writer, Leadership & Reinvention Strategist who specializes in helping professional women design their second act in life. She brings more than two decades of corporate experience to her clients on their journey to uncover the next stage in their lives. As the founder of LolaSal, Inc., Lola elevates professional powerhouse women to their next level. Her award-winning clients have been featured in the Washington Post, Medscape from WebMD, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and more.  Lola has worked with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and has been featured in LinkedIn, Thrive Global, Brit +Co, Wealth Advisor, First for Women, Addicted to Success, The Good Men Project, CEOWorld Magazine, and is a contributor for Entrepreneur. When she’s not working, Lola spends time with her two active daughters.