The idea of using sound healing to optimize before that big pitch meeting at work might sound strange, but that’s exactly what Tune.Studio wants to help you do. This new company is leveraging decades of scientific research that shows the efficacy of sound in improving symptoms in everything from Alzheimers to depression and bringing it to the mainstream. Their studios provide 15 minute sessions of medical-grade frequencies designed to bring you to optimum. 

Sounds cool, but how does it really work? First, you have to understand that everything in your body has a frequency. Your heartbeats, respiratory movements, blood flow in vessels, and other bodily processes all produce mechanical vibrations at very low frequencies, called infrasonic waves. In addition, different organs of the human body produce different resonance frequencies.

When these vibrations are disrupted by stress, disease, or environmental factors, the body and mind become sluggish. This is a normal biological reaction to being out-of-sync with natural physiological processes. This issue is, the longer the body stays in this state, the harder it is to reverse.

Tune sessions rapidly realign the system to its optimal state by exposing the body to healthy frequencies. When your body is aligned, stress is naturally deflected from the system and you enter a state of flow. The more you Tune, the easier it is for you to access this state on your own. You can think of it as accelerated meditation. The best part? It’s completely passive. You just lie down on the Tune bed and let the vibrations do the work. 

The company’s goal is to help people achieve a state where life can be experienced at its peak; you can love deeper, laugh harder and create from your fullest potential. And yes, that means killing it at work.

You can book a session online for just $15 at