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What is Mindset

Mindset is the way you set your mind to beliefs and behaviors — beliefs about self and your own basic qualities (for our case we are going to use talents and intelligence as the basic qualities). We have two types of mindsets — fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. In fixed mindsets, people believe that their intelligence and talent are simply fixed; they are just givens; they have a certain amount of brain and talent and nobody can take it away or improve on it. Such people are stagnated in one place because they think that they don’t need to work to improve what they have. They don’t see the need to nurture their talent and improve on their intelligence quotient; thus, they remain dormant for a very long time. Those people who have growth mindset believe that what they have can be nurtured and be improved on through hard work and commitment; they must nurture their intelligence and talents to be better at it. They work hard to improve on their talents and intelligence. They believe that brain and talent is just a starting point in their life and they have a long way to go.

How Mindset Affects Us

With our mindset, we can decide to do things that may harm or build us. Having the right mindset affects us positively. In most cases, growth mindset is the best approach to life. Those people who have this type of mindset prosper in everything they do; their basic abilities act as cornerstones to building a permanent foundation for a solid future. They work very hard on their abilities to succeed in life. Growth mindset enables us to embrace challenging opportunities to reach our highest potentials. Whereas a fixed mindset can stall our lives, it can turn out to be beneficial to us if we retain our basic abilities, are in the positive, and we retain them as they are. Let’s say you perform well in mathematics and you have a fixed mindset, it can only benefit you if you maintain being at the top; the day you drop, that is the end of you. But there is light at the end of the tunnel; we can turn our fixed mindset to growth mindset if we wish.

How To Change Your Mindset

The growth mindset is based on the idea that what we are born with is just the beginning. Where we are is just a starting point, and we can improve on it if we work hard and diligently. This mindset carries with it a belief that with application and experience, we can cultivate our basic abilities to get a bumper harvest out of it. People with fixed mindset don’t go far in life. They are the failures we see around us because they are not ready to work hard on a situation to make it better. They resign to fate so fast. A person considered a fool and who happens to have fixed mindset, will remain a fool because he will not work hard enough to end his foolishness. Anything he does will make him look like a fool.

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Moving Towards Your Ideal Mindset by Discovering Your True-Life Purpose

This may seem like a very daunting task, but once you can truly identify what you are meant to do, the path to a new mindset and life is just around the corner. You can start with the question, what are you good at? Sit down and make a list of everything you are good and really love doing. Then, ask yourself is how can you use you what you are good at and love doing to serve and help other people. When you can find your ideal purpose, everything else in your life will come into alignment and you will have your ideal mindset.

Keeping It In Check

It is inevitable that you will run into negative people that will try and take down your mindset. They will want to drag you down and try and break what you have accomplished. To do this, make sure you keep your confidence high. Focus on staying on the right track, the one that you know if your true path. When you are serving others at a high level, and you know you are doing good, no one should be able to break your spirit. If you feel down or get attacked in anyway, revisit your list of things you are good at. Look at all you have done to help others and revitalize your positive energy and spirt.

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