Whoever loves God, lives in Love.

Love is God’s identity, lifestyle and habit.

Ideally; and the way I see love, it is unconditional and stands the test of time.

There is the Romantic and the Realistic kind of love.

Romance is a strong obsession or attachment to someone. It is an embellished account to something. Romance is a mysterious exciting or fascinating quality.

But, here’s the shocker! Romance can kill. It is an idealized lie.

Romance occurs when we allow our desire turn into a passion or obsession for someone.

The remedy is to Keep your feelings in check!

Research has it that emotions run wild in the life of youths.

A woman’s need of romantic love is: To touch, To hold and To keep.

A man’s need of this kind of love is: To touch, To hold and Let go.

Characteristics of the Romantic love.

1. It comes and goes naturally.

2. It is based on feelings and emotions.

3. Makes people helpless and hopeless.

4. It is self-seeking and self-indulgent.

5. Fault-finding.

6. It leads to frustration, anger and doubts

7. It is impatient. intolerant and non-accommodating.

8. Romantic love is jealous.

9. They give more than they can afford.

10. Every act of giving is not love.

11. Romantic love is impure too.

Though, there is a true fact about Romantic love. 95% of True and Realistic love is initially based on Romantic love. It starts with an attraction and strong feeling; then it grows into something more. This depends on the two people in the relationship in giving true love a chance; either by commitment, sacrifice, emotional maturity and understanding.

Then there is the True and Realistic love.

I see true love as the character of God.

You must work hard on it. Knowledge, Wisdom and Emotional maturity comes to play in Realistic love.

It defines love in the right context that you can give it. Love is a decision and does not depend on appearance or performance. It rather celebrates strength. It may start with emotions and feelings, but it does not depend on it.

One of the most amazing words i grew knowing is: Marry the person you like and Love the person you marry.

It’s so deep but true.

Characteristics of True Love

1. True love is learned and practiced voluntarily.

2. It protects when there is no reason for protection.

3. True love accommodates.

4. It appreciates.

5. It gives without hoping for a payback

6. True love celebrates.

7. It accepts for whom you are and not what you are.

To imbibe true love;

* one needs to dig deep and explore beyond romance. Romance is limited, embellished and fades with time, but Realistic love is deep, mature and sweet.

* Ask questions, plan about the future.

* Look on the bright side. See things the way God see things.

* Focus on things and relationships that are true. It helps to re-shape your life.

Remember God is the potter, we are the clay.