As Carl Jung who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst has said we have shadows of ourselves. I never really knew what he meant by that until I found my own shadows and starting dealing with them.

These shadows hide within you and you are probably not even aware of them. Shadows can be very sneaky. You would probably run from them if you were aware of them. These shadows are the part of you that you do not like or accept, so you keep them hidden deep down inside.

These shadows are what causes you to wear the many masks in the world. These mask act as a defense mechanisms to hide your pain.

As Carl Jung said our work is to bring unconscious to consciousness, bring awareness to the shadows. When we bring awareness to our shadows we start to experience freedom within, we start to live a life free from sadness, suffering, and emptiness. Real miracles start to happen when we free our self.

We all have shadows and can experience the shadows as discomfort, addictions, depression, anxiety and illness. We tend to treat the top layer of these symptoms which can be a good place to start, but I found that it never truly healed my anxiety until I understood why and what my shadow wanted.

Once I started to find my shadows I gave them their own name so I can relate to them and understand them fully. Let me share one shadow with you now.

The wicked sister was very sneaky she crept up on me all the time. She was the opposite of what I wanted to be, she was angry and a trouble maker. This shadow would get me in trouble all the time. It would say have that extra drink you deserve it you went through hell in your life it is your time to let loose. She always appeared when I was weak and knew just what to say to me to get me to buy in.

Then when the party was over and I needed her the most, she disappeared. She played her part well. This was her only job to have fun and ruin good things in my life.

Personally, this is not someone who I would ever want as a friend, she was selfish and angry and felt like the world owed her. In a nut shell her vibrations were very negative.

As I studied her patterns and understood the timing of when she would show up, I noticed something very sad about her. I noticed what she really wanted was to be heard and deeply loved. I started to feel compassion and real love towards her. I started to understand where her pain was coming from and how much she hurt.

Even though she would resist me at times, I could convince her to take off the mask and show me her true self. I told her I wanted to see what she was hiding.

I made her feel safe and allowed her to truly feel. Yes, she cried a lot, she carried years of pain and I felt her heart was completely broken. I started to show here compassion, love, and acceptance. I guided her to forgive herself and others and slowly we become best friends. We started sharing our feelings all the time, honoring each other and living joyfully together. She was home now and became one with me, since then no more trouble just love and honesty. The little girl inside was finally free.

To release these shadows in my opinion there needs to be a deep commitment to yourself. Shadow work is about getting to know yourself better, accepting, nurturing and healing all parts of you. Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Energy healing and metaphysical studies were my tools of choice. I did not walk this road alone I had a lot of master teachers some alive some not alive today. They guided me and provided me the courage to look within myself. I am truly grateful for those teachers, and now I bring these teachings to others to guide them back home and accept their shadows as friends and valuable life gifts.

With Love and Light

Corrina Choe, Soul Coach, Yoga Metaphysical Meditation Teacher

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