It is apparent that technology is keeping us more connected to our works than ever, but on the other side, it is causing anxiety and stress among workers even on their vacations and off-timings. I have noticed that, for me, this causes more damage than benefit, creating more stress and discomfort for me, and that defies the whole purpose of technology. There should a balance in our connection to the digital world and the time that we give ourselves, as when we unplug, there are better chances to recharge our brain and body.

Digital Connectedness

Almost every worker remains connected to their smart devices even after working hours, so do I. It helps me to get any urgent emails at once, and I can respond appropriately by making myself available. Furthermore, the connections make an image that I am available at any time for work. However, this chronic connectedness made me prone to added unnecessary stress and anxiety because of getting irrelevant and non-critical emails at any time.

Social Media

In society, there is a value shift taking place towards concepts such as vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity. For social media, I feel that, virtually, it is impossible for me to spend time without connecting with my friends, sharing my thoughts, requests for updates, and advice on personal relationships. Sadly, I feel like we lose our privacy and peace by sharing everything publically. It scared me of spending time alone, as the digital lives water public image at the cost of private reflection. It was increasing my stress and anxiety, as constant sharing made me depressed and competitive. For me, it happened because of continually seeing what others were doing in their personal lives. I felt that this vicious cycle needs to break.

So I Managed My Relation With My Smart Devices

Management of my public and personal matters eliminated the stress and pressures in my life. The following things helped me improve my productivity.

  • Made Personal Boundaries

Now, I make to-do lists according to my time. I add them to calendars. I make it clear to myself that family time is as valuable as earning time. I use out-of-office auto-replies whenever I am on vacation. I use this by specifying the dates I will not be available for work, so people do not expect urgent responses.

  • Decided Hours to Use my Smart Devices

I decided a time to check all the emails and other notifications on my cell phone and laptop, because a balance was required between my work and personal life, so now, I sort out the critical messages and those that are not urgent. I do not respond to non-urgent emails after the selected hours. I respect the privacy of my colleagues, too. I never send messages during their resting time, especially notifications that are irrelevant. I wait for the next morning or their duty-time.

  • Hobbies That Make me Unplug Completely

I prefer face-to-face bonds with my loved ones. They reduce anxiety and stress related to my public life and stimulate my underutilized brain’s creative aspects, which, otherwise, would have remained underutilized due to work pressure.

Wake-up-call Moments with technology

In the era of growing technology, the things once I thought were best are now on second or the third number. Technology has improved up to several folds. From graphics to facilities, everything has become faster and more efficient.  This non-stop growth of technology became a wake-up call for me several times, as it made me think that the ideas I am applying regarding my work and business management can become improper or of low functionality the next moment. So, to be the best manager, I welcome such wake-up- calls to be the best running horse in the race of technology. I understand that improvement is the key to make any business successful.

How I Disconnect

I feel that the best way to completely disconnect from the tech world is to find an activity I love and put my phone away. I prefer activities that require my undivided attention. It can be anything from walking to yoga as long as I am away from my devices. I make plans to disconnect according to time of ease and requirements because, to me, life is about approaching that balance and living the moment, which goes for both play and work.

My Relationship With Sleep

A night of proper sleep is essential for the human body as your body cranks out some crucial hormones that repair tissues and cells, boost your immune system, and fight off infections. But at the start of my job, it was hard to have a relaxed sleep because unplugging from my smart devices caused me a lot of trouble. Activity on smart devices made my mind overactive. It was almost impossible to wind down to get a peaceful night’s sleep when my brain was all wired up. To improve my relationship with my body and take proper rest, I make myself move away from electronics to prepare for a full night of sleep. I disconnect at least half an hour before going to bed. It is helping me a lot and I suggest everyone having tech-life problems to try this at least once.