Perhaps! This is what it is!

Honestly, I never thought of myself being in this situation where presently I am. It’s close to 6 weeks now since I landed in New Delhi and four days later the day I  landed, the nation went under lockdown. So, for the last 40 days, I am in a new place (not unknown by God’s grace ) with nobody known to me, at least for the first few days.  Friends, Family, or I can say that any known face which I had known in my life for all these years is not near to me for the last 40 days. Well, it’s all fine with me and the most important thing which I felt gradually is that in the days like these when at least your breathe is not killing you, then you have nothing to complain about. This is what I feel. People who are suffering at the hands of this virus have lived the fear of death, so what could we complain about. It’s an unjustified act against those millions of people who have suffered or suffering and the frontline warriors who are trying to win this war for humanity. So, it’s not just one person, act, or philosophy that is inspiring me to preserve but I could say that the commitment and passion of the Medical Professionals, Sanitation Workers, Police Force, and Leaders who have chosen the tough ways in their own aspects to come out of this phase with minimum losses. Each of them is risking certain important aspects of their lives to take charge of the damages being done. So if they could not inspire me to be preserving and optimistic then nothing else could ever touch my heart and life to get inspired and motivated.