“Unsubscribe. Not in this text chain,” is what I texted when one of my best gal pals started talking about her cellulite and swimsuit season.

I knew what would happen next. Every woman, including myself, starting in on what was wrong with their body.

Women who have birthed babies. Women who have successful careers. Women who are making a difference in the world. Women who have so much value in the world outside of their body.

Strong. Smart. Kind. Funny. Powerful Women.

This wasn’t the first time as a woman I’ve participated in this convo but hopefully the last.

Every time we chatter about being fat or having cellulite or ugly legs or fat arms or whatever else we make up in our minds, our brain and psyche take note. Not just note but in a big ole sharpie.

I am sure if I could track the time and energy I have spent with negative thoughts about my body, I could go back to my early 30s. It makes me sad to think about the energy and mind space I and so many women have spent obsessing and berating our bodies instead of showing up in all our awesomeness.

And what we miss out on because we aren’t perfect. Pool parties. Sleeveless dresses. Shorts. Memories with friends and families. And even if we don’t miss out we can be so preoccupied with the thoughts we miss the moments.

I can’t do it anymore and I can’t let you either. Not on my watch.

Come back to this statement every time you start down a rabbit hole of all the reasons you don’t like your body.

I am grateful for my body because..

Ask yourself again and again until it shuts up the voice that tells you “You aren’t enough”.

Because you are more than enough and you deserve to feel it.

Holly Krivo is a Big Decision Coach who works with clients to get off the fence and make the decision they have been suffering through so they can move forward in the life they want.