It’s one of the most important life skills nobody talks about. It has the power to transform our careers, relationships, and the overall quality of our lives. I’m talking about communication strategies and skills, and more specifically, effective communication during conflict.

Let’s be honest: conflict resolution is an area where many of us could use a little (or a lot of) work. When it comes to confrontation, using effective communication is key to not just diffusing the situation, but also finding a resolution.

When you get into a conflict, it’s important to have communication strategies already in place so you can navigate effectively and productively.

Here Are 5 Communication Strategies to Handle Hard Conversations:

1. Set an Intention

It’s no secret that you are what you think about. This is especially true when it comes to the way you communicate. If you think the conversation will turn into an argument, then that will probably be the case.

Rather than expect the worst, set a positive intention. Think about what you hope to achieve during the interaction. (How about effective communication, eh?)

Setting an intention keeps you open-minded to various points of view. Whether it’s at work or in relationships, it’s inevitable that people will say things you disagree with.

And this brings me to my next point . . .

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